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Before the Whirlwind Begins

Hello! I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.

Since it is July 31st, and the fall semester is almost upon us, I have deemed it a fitting time to start a post series on planning for the upcoming semester. 676 more words

Math IS Fun

See, I think I misspoke (miswrote?) when I titled my last homeschooling post Math Doesn’t Have to Be Fun.  It was catchy, which is a good quality for a title, but I probably should have said something like Math Books Don’t Need to Be Fun. 214 more words


Learning through play

“They” say that kids learn best through play. I find it harder and harder to find kids who have an imagination and actually use it. We sit our kids in front of screens from the time they are babies and then wonder why they can’t entertain themselves. 118 more words

Back To It...

So, I’ve fallen completely behind…

Scratch that. Right off the radar!


But, we have managed to pull ourselves back up and are working hard to get back into the world of cyber–and some civilization. 99 more words


Speed Readers

If you’re anything like me, I prefer to pre-read my children’s books.  However, as their reading speed has increased and my time somehow decreased, I’ve been wary of what books to give them. 83 more words

Good Books

Impromptu Field Trip

Yesterday, we skipped our regular school work and took the kids to the county fair. They really walking through the barns and seeing all the animals (though Joyful Noise didn’t enjoy the smell) and also through the buildings with displays (paintings, creations, etc.). 220 more words

Fruit of the Spirit Summer; Patience...A lesson for all

My 3 year old son loves grapes but he has a hard time waiting for me to pick the grapes off the cluster and wash them. 792 more words