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My medicine for homesickness

Now that I’ll be moving quite far from home (once again), I wanted to create an album for myself to weep with when I feel lonely and abandoned. 843 more words

Catholic Homesickness

Frequently at college, I find myself missing the people I left behind at home. I miss the friends that I’ve made since I was little, I miss waking up in my own bed, eating in my own kitchen, driving to my lovely job, hanging out with my family, and just about anything else you can think of. 509 more words

Being Sick Away From Home, and How it Makes You Home Sick

I am holding it together really well. I remember my freshmen year of college, my friends that were from out of state would get sick, and they would be extra miserable, missing home. 390 more words

Disney College Program

Day 3 - I Wish This Was a 3 Month Vacation

I hate to make this post already sound depressing, but it was revealed today to us Study Abroad students that life wouldn’t be all fun and games this semester. 1,007 more words


7 Ways To Overcome Homesickness

There’s no two ways about it, moving away from home is a big deal. Whether it be your first couple of days, weeks or even months into your new surroundings, reaching a point which requires you to deal with feelings of homesickness will be a matter of when as opposed to if.  738 more words

Twenty Questions: #6 How Shall We Sing The Lord’s Song In A Foreign Land? (Ps. 137:4)

With its mournful lament and white hot rage offering a benediction to anyone who gives Babylon its comeuppance by dashing their babies against the rocks, it is probably fair to say that Psalm 137 will probably not be winning the Favourite Psalm competition any time soon. 680 more words


2 Weeks

It’s only two weeks until my adventure begins in Spain and I could not be more excited. You know how sometimes you have feelings of doubt? 440 more words