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Understanding Homesickness & Alberta Adventures

So, I am back at home and I couldn’t be much happier.
Two and half years ago I moved out and then began my routine of coming home for Christmas, parts of the summer and a few other random weekends in between. 582 more words

On Homesickness and Denial

I’m from the Pacific Northwest.  I love that place.  The salmon, the mountains, the ocean, the inlets and bays, the trees…it really is all that.  Do I miss it?   395 more words

#DreadedDecember: Home for the Holidays

Moving away from home did not really phase me all that much. I was ready to start a life of my own and follow whatever path fate had for me. 390 more words

Wildcat Wisdom

Not to Mistake Nostalgia for Homesickness

My university career has been divided quite sharply into distinct eras: The Year of Freshman Shenanigans, The Year of RA Shenanigans, The Year of Study Abroad Chaos, and now The Year of I Think I’m an Adult (tentatively titled since I’m only halfway through).   644 more words

Study Abroad

Homesickness:: the term that encapsulates more than what it is thought to

When people travel, spending an extended period of time in another place and then returning to their home country or primary place of residence, they often experience what is now termed “reverse culture shock”. 636 more words


Time's up

It’s hitting me. Slowly but surely. Saying goodbye to everyone in my program. Packing up my room. Taking my last few walks around my neighborhood. 853 more words

Tips from an American Expat: Everyday Products You'll Miss after Moving to Germany

Survey conducted by Dan, blogger and owner of Live Work Travel USA. He’s my opposite — a German expat living in America — like my evil mirror image from a parallel universe. 2,958 more words