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Londonsvenskan / The London Swede

A conversation (in Swedish) with a fellow London Swede about that mixed up feeling of being this and that and none of it, all at the same time. 15 more words

På Svenska

How to deal with homesickness

It seems like my confident proclamation that I would update my blog once weekly has now turned into an amusing and utterly false statement, which probably surprises no one who is well-acquainted with my personality. 1,279 more words


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Expect the Unexpected

Before I stepped foot into Brazil’s “Marvelous City” (as Rio is affectionately known as), I didn’t realize there were several different phases of emotions that first time travelers normally experience-at least, for me there was.  1,047 more words

Rebels Abroad

Recipe for the Homesick: The Vegan Galician


1 part orujo de café

2 or 3 parts soy milk*

Several ice cubes


As you pour the ingredients into a glass chilled by nostalgia, meditate upon the fact that the ‘firewater’ known as  127 more words


An introduction.

Of sorts, anyway.

It’s been a very long time since I last introduced myself to a corner of the internet, although I don’t expect this one will receive as many visitors as my other sites do. 199 more words


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I’m sorry to repeat myself in such rapid consequence, as I think I’ve spoken about this recently, but I am fed up of tactless people and blunt comments; their rudeness that goes disguised by the word “natural”; their inquisitiveness into every corner of my private life; and their insensitivity to my nature. 47 more words


What are you doing with your life?

I’m back and I’m just as poor a poster as ever!

My return to Spain was fraught with existential questioning, so I did what any mature, well-adjusted adult would do when confronted with uncertainty and discomfort. 251 more words