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Time's up

It’s hitting me. Slowly but surely. Saying goodbye to everyone in my program. Packing up my room. Taking my last few walks around my neighborhood. 853 more words

Tips from an American Expat: Everyday Products You'll Miss after Moving to Germany

Survey conducted by Dan, blogger and owner of Live Work Travel USA. He’s my opposite — a German expat living in America — like my evil mirror image from a parallel universe. 2,958 more words


Goodbye Rome

There are no dirty dishes in the sink and I cannot hear the sound of anyone skyping their pets. The floors are missing their hair clumps and my roommates closet is empty. 657 more words


How to deal with the "I-hate-it-heres"

After almost five years in Rome, I rarely get homesick. I miss my family and friends back home, and sometimes I’m nostalgic for places I no longer live in, but these days, I feel that Rome is truly home.  791 more words



They say home is where the heart is. Being back in Morocco for the next few weeks really does my heart good. Something about running into the ocean, on the more familiar side of the Atlantic, fills me with excitement, and gives me the calmest feeling all at the same time. 605 more words


Weeks 12 & 13: Homesickness and Finals

I’ll admit, I really thought I’d be the last person to get homesick while abroad this semester. I love traveling more than anything, and usually the excitement of being abroad is enough to keep me distracted and interested in what is going on around me. 472 more words

Homesickness (Sıla Hasreti) Installation

Homesickness (Sıla Hasreti) is the name of the installation I created with collaboration from a lot of other people, including

Deniz Defne Acerol (sculptures)

Hope Holtzman (tapestries) 194 more words

Deborah Semel Demirtaş