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Youtube friends

Basically I suck at being proactive and getting out and about and achieving things.

I’m perfectly independent and capable of living on my own and getting important things done… but I absolutely suck at making myself happy by doing things that I enjoy out of the house. 158 more words


High-five that big change right in it's face

When I am sad I am the worlds biggest shithead. So annoying and boring.

Let’s not go into details. Take my word for it.

Oh alright, here are a couple of details. 557 more words

How to overcome homesickness

Jessica Pellegrino - General Assignment Reporter 

The stress of school work, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs makes homesickness start to get real as the leaves change color. 569 more words


TAPIF Tip/Lectrice Lesson: How to Conquer Homesickness

According to my WordPress Blog Statistics, assistants have been stumbling upon my blog via tapping various forms of “TAPIF” and “Homesick” and “ 746 more words


Advice - Moving/Homesickness

As a teenager, I haven’t experiences most of life’s struggles and hardships just yet. However, there is one area in particular that I happen to have a lot of expertise in, and I know how hard coping with it can be. 1,260 more words

Diwali - at home at ease!

Oh yes, Diwali this year is one of the finest time to come home back. Though, there are some rules, regulations and restrictions even during this beautiful season. 730 more words

A Diwali Story

“How does this look?”



“It’s Diwali, you can’t dress this way. Wear some bangles and please take off that horrible hair clip.”

I enjoyed the familiarity of these arguments as I watched my mother decorate the house. 723 more words