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A Real Cut Up

December 18, 2014

Tuesday, I butchered these two nice hogs. They walked outside to their play area, looked up at me and dropped in their tracks. 278 more words

December 2014

The State of the Rabbitry

We’re going into winter dormancy with the rabbitry.  I bred too late in the season and, much to my chagrin, I still have harvestable kits in December.   569 more words


Another Attempt at Bees

Talking about bees in December?  Seems a little cold for the subject?  It may be, but now is the time to get things done before spring comes. 281 more words


Winter is Coming

My maternal ancestors were homesteaders. They traveled across oceans and prairies, mountains and rivers, and settled in Canada, Northern Wisconsin, and ultimately North Dakota. Growing up, one of my favorite books was… 946 more words


Splitting Wood

The Mrs. and I have been discussing meaningful activities for our children a lot lately.  It’s easy to let them watch cartoons all day (we don’t) or let them engage in passive entertainment.   731 more words


Treehugger Highlights Former Shack

A 70-year-old California homesteader’s shack near Joshua Tree national park is now a light installation, Lucid Stead.

When architect Michael Graham Richard talked to artist  173 more words

Getting More Use Out of Each Rabbit - Pelt Tanning

In the early days, I would toss the remains of each rabbit to the chickens, or to the neighbor’s dogs.  I didn’t save the livers, kidneys, or hearts.   644 more words