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Splitting Wood

The Mrs. and I have been discussing meaningful activities for our children a lot lately.  It’s easy to let them watch cartoons all day (we don’t) or let them engage in passive entertainment.   731 more words


Treehugger Highlights Former Shack

A 70-year-old California homesteader’s shack near Joshua Tree national park is now a light installation, Lucid Stead.

When architect Michael Graham Richard talked to artist  173 more words

Getting More Use Out of Each Rabbit - Pelt Tanning

In the early days, I would toss the remains of each rabbit to the chickens, or to the neighbor’s dogs.  I didn’t save the livers, kidneys, or hearts.   644 more words


Passing Along Skills

I’m not a very social person.  I’m too busy and too tired most days.  That all seems to go by the wayside when I find someone who is interested in chickens and rabbits. 306 more words


On Fuel for Heating and Crosscut Saws

Now that we’ve talked about the stove, we need to talk about fuel.  Last spring, the boys and I burned dried cow dung in a post called… 287 more words



Making the decision to live off the land, become self-sufficient, get off the grid, or simply live a little bit better is monumental in the lives of those who do it and there seems to be a typical rhythm to how we all go about doing it. 2,462 more words

Interesting Reads

What is Homesteading?

Most of the general population is blissfuly unaware of where their food comes from and for good reason – the conditions are anything from special.  No one wants to talk about the terrible confined living conditions of an animal that is basically dying to provide a meal for you.   99 more words