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The Sorting Hat of Guinea Pigs

I really love my guinea pig farming experiment. Today, it is the once monthly sort,  in which young males get moved to the male cage (they have fertility after 3 weeks!), the females over 1.3 lbs get moved to the breeding pen, and the males over 1.3 lbs get processed. 95 more words


Slowly closing up shop

My husband is on vacation today and tomorrow. Which means, he will probably be more tired come the week-end than he would have been if he would have gone to work. 430 more words

Family Life

Integrating dōTERRA into Home and Medical Practice Settings | dōTERRA Blog

My family does not get sick as often since we began our journey with doTERRA. I love their vitamin pack. I’ve used many organic, whole foods vitamins in the past but never felt the health benefits like I do with doTERRA’s. 68 more words


Stevia Powder

Our stevia plants are getting pretty big, so we clipped them back a bit and made some stevia powder as a sweetener for tea. This plant is crazy sweet. 65 more words


Cinnamon had Babies

We are just raining in Ron’s babies right now! Cinnamon had a total of four, but one of them was twice the size and didn’t survive the birth. 49 more words


Homemade DIY Laundry Detergent (Save big $ and avoid perfumes)

This is obnoxiously easy to make and it smells wonderful!  Not to mention how much money we saved!! I couldn’t believe it! This soap is also good for people who have sensitive skin. 531 more words


Charcoal had Babies!

What is it with Charcoal (who is black with a bit of white markings) and producing gorgeous babies! In her last set, she had Coco, an amazing brown creature. 76 more words