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Cinnabun's Surprise

Miss Cinnabun had a mighty big surprise for us tonight. My son was on rabbit duty because my knee was hurting too much and he made an unexpected discovery. 357 more words


Baby Pictures and an Evil Preditor

Well, I woke up Saturaday morning, and all of my breeding female quails in growout were missing. All that was left was feathers, and a single wing. 163 more words



A single photo to sum up my week and help me stay motivated for the week to come. Please feel free to add a link to what motivated you through the week in the comments section below. Happy Monday. Stay positive!


Kindle and Kit Update

All the babies are healthy and strong. Cinnabun had 5 and Persephone had 6. Both mothers are doing great. And the other kits are all doing well, too.



Homesteading is described as a person or persons who are self sufficient. Most homesteaders have medium sized gardens, and different types of livestock. This means making your own foodstuffs, gardening, caning, pickling, drying, cooling, Etc.. 194 more words


Rabbit Duck Egg Meatloaf--Low Carb

A long time ago I came up with a recipe for a low carb meatloaf that used hamburger and chicken eggs. Today I made it with ground rabbit meat and duck eggs and it was fantastic. 386 more words


Around the Homestead-Week 2

Whew, this week went by fast!  Monday and Tuesday I worked cattle with our neighbors, and it’s taken me awhile to recover.  I had a great time though, I got to give shots and, unfortunately for the calves, I tagged a few of them. 381 more words