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Hummingbird Haven

For those of you who enjoy HUMMINGBIRDS, here are some photos I took this morning.

Who knew that CHRISTMAS LIGHTS would be such valuable bird habitat? 7 more words



Don’t be afraid of it.

Just because you are an urban farmer doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own compost, lots and lots of compost. 745 more words

Urban Farming

Why it's important to have good soil.

We have terrible soil where we live. It’s clay and full of rocks. I know this because my husband is a bit of a soil nerd. 467 more words

Some days you just don't want to be homesteader....

Today is one of those days.

It’s been storming here all day, tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms. This afternoon in the middle of another downpour I heard the chickens and ducks squawking and Callie barking like crazy. 1,186 more words


Finding my way back...

Somehow, WordPress “lost” several of my blogs, including this one.  I tried everything, but it would only show one blog, an old one called “The Leading Edge of Chaos”. 79 more words


Back to Round Bales

A quick recap: originally a cattle farmer not far from us was going to bale our fields. He was going to make them into round bales and was going to leave me a couple for my sheep this winter. 319 more words


Achievement Unlocked: Pantry Complete

The pantry is done!! All the walls are now lined with shelves, including over the door, and all has been painted black. It’s really hard to photograph the room because it’s sooo tiny, but you basically get the idea. 28 more words