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Week 3 on the Urban Farmstead...

I realize that last week, I didn’t do my weekly update until like, Thursday. I was sick. I am still sick now, but at least I am moving again! 380 more words


Bringing home the bacon.

Silence Dogood here. I just read an article on 24/7 Wall St on “The 10 Fastest Rising Food Prices.” In case you’d like to cut these skyrocketing items off your grocery list (or stock up while they’re still affordable), I thought I’d share them with you. 509 more words

Wit And Wisdom

Homeopathy Nonsense

So Andrea and I both accidentally got into some poison ivy a while back. Okay, so those of you who’ve ever had poison ivy know that it sucks and you want it gone as quickly as possible. 191 more words


Hot porridge three ways

This is a continuation of my “oats are evil” rant. For more on that, see this post.

The long and the short of it is, I have avenin sensitive enteropathy from my Celiac disease, and I abstain from oats because they make me really ill. 308 more words


Our New Wood Stove Is Coming!

We have lived in this home for a little over two years. Since the day we moved in we have wanted to get rid of “T. 108 more words


Peacock Palace

The peacocks and the peahens are still  living together in the loft of the barn in  perfect harmony. I occasionally hear one of their big calls but so far they have all been very quiet.   514 more words


Thinking of Chickens

We haven’t built the coop yet, but I’m already eager to decide which chickens we are going to put in it! I’m thinking of starting with two different breeds. 96 more words