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The Homesteading Experiment

As I start on this new adventure I refer to as homesteading, I thought I might take a minute and determine what exactly that means to me as the word can have widely varied perceptions to different people. 434 more words


Baked Pork Chops and Roasted Vegetables

This was tonight’s dinner. The pork chops came from a sustainable, organic farm one county over, the organic broccoli and organic cauliflower came from a local farm stand, and the zucchini came from my garden. 375 more words


Use What Food You Have

Yesterday I harvested some things from our garden. Parsley, Basil, zucchini, garlic tops. Even though it doesn’t look like much, you can still figure out how to use whatever you have from your garden. 17 more words

Frugal Living

First post! Much wow!

I hope this blog can be a place where I can express myself (read:rant) and let the world know all about my adventures. Because really, the world should be made aware of  my failings at trying to ferment various vegetables and other kitchen activities. 163 more words

Paleo, shmaleo.

Silence Dogood here. Yesterday, our friend Ben and I were grocery shopping. I’m always interested in checking out what my fellow shoppers are buying while I’m waiting (and waiting) in the checkout line; it beats the hell out of staring at those magazine covers about the Kardashians or “guess who this fat actress is.” Ugh! 801 more words

Wit And Wisdom

Memories on the Line

Ma here. Nothing in the world quite like the smell of clothes dried in the great out of doors in my humble opinion.



The simplest definition of an adulteration in food means something in it has been replaced with a cheaper filler which may or may not be bad for us, but which certainly is not worth the price we’re paying for what we think is contained within the product. 1,059 more words

19th Century Food