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Homesteading Books for Beginners

Spring is in the air! This time of year really gets me motivated to try new things…or at least read about trying new things. Are any of you planning on taking on new spring projects? 378 more words


Another Free Guinea Pig

Egg: This is my first long haired girl. I already have a Cadbury and a Creme, so, it is fitting to get an egg into the equation. 69 more words



Even high in the mountains, we are beginning to see the squirrel ear leaves.  Because of our very cold winter and spring, everything is blooming at once, all of the trees that normally stagger their blossoms and pollen are exploding at once.   589 more words


Aquaponics and Earth Day!!

Yesterday was Earth Day!!  The Pizzo Academy celebrated in a few different ways.  First, we took a trip into town to visit one of my favorite little shops, Wabash Antiques & Feed Store.   712 more words


Walking The Plank

The water was still and unmoved.  No life or death disturbed its surface.  I had ordered them all to walk the plank yesterday after setting up buckets with a few inches of water and a plank.  455 more words


chicken hug

  This was the first time that we colored eggs with our fresh farm (brown) chicken eggs…not sure what to expect, we were thrilled with the results!   427 more words