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Homestead Update and Cute Cats!

Hey, tagging with cute cats always gets extra hits, so here we go.

Poor ole Kensey had to go to the vet last week to check out a bad sore place on his nose. 268 more words


When Seconds Count,,,,

We had an interesting experience here a few nights ago. It was 3am and we were awakened by the doorbell ringing and pounding on the front door. 378 more words


Burn Barrel

This is a picture of my burn barrel I made from rabbit hutch wire. I think I have about $6 worth of wire in this project. 124 more words


Old Jinker

Absolutely delighted to share “High Tea” on Sunday with a wonderful couple from Rockleigh…….Their property is in the Bremer Ranges and overlooks the Murraylands to the east, they are an artistically talented family and very keen native gardeners, over the years they have managed to collect many old farm relics that are placed strategically around their property to blend in with the native vegetation as well as reflecting on times gone by in the district.


Homestead Update

Not much went on around the homestead this week due to my work schedule. We mowed the lawn and pulled weeds from around the tomato plants, otherwise it was just work, work, work! 184 more words


Texas Ranchers Under Attack

National Review Online Thursday about lawlessness in his border community when his home was broken into.

Osburn, a rancher who lives just south of a Border Patrol checkpoint in Brooks County, Texas, says he stepped away for about 45 minutes, and when he returned somebody had trashed his house. 291 more words

US News

Rain, Rain, Rain

I work in a 50 mile radius around my home and it has rained somewhere in that radius every day for the past 3 weeks. Fortunately, it has not rained everywhere at once, until today that is. 308 more words