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Homestead Update

I spent several days away from home during the past 2 weeks, including some time I spent at my parents house.

Their house is on the lake, and they needed the seawall replaced. 545 more words



By the time 1893 came around Leonard had a team, harness, wagon and a saddle horse but he still owed $161.50 on the team. He heard that there was a job available at the Watson ranch so, on the third of January, he went down there to find out about it. 838 more words

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The Old Wooden Barn...

Northern Wisconsin – The old wooden barn

Wooden barns were common a century ago when a much larger portion of the population was on the farm. 21 more words


Homestead Update

I haven’t done much around the homestead this week due to my eye healing up. And even though no one bothered to ask, my eye is doing much better now, thank you very much. 803 more words


Different hay for different reasons

Found an interesting post on another blog about the differences in hay that is available here in Central Florida. He explains when and why to use the different types. 8 more words


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 31…

Day Number 31…

It seemed to be a good choice, especially with Halloween just hours away. Outside of Grass Valley. Some would say there’s a story here. Others a time for renovation.

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