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Homestead Update.

I have been trying to get my local dump truck driver to bring some dirt for a month and today he finally came through. He found a source of dirt from a construction site, and the dirt had some bricks and gravel in it so he gave me a discount. 468 more words


Our Time in the Wind

I drove past abandoned homesteads on my way to the farm. It always gives me a sad feeling as I pass them by. What happened? Did someone die without children to carry on? 140 more words


Backup Water Supply

I finally got around to doing something about a secondary source of water for the Homestead. I found a man from Missouri that was willing to come and drill a shallow well, and it turned out he used the “water jet” method of drilling the well. 1,083 more words


Historical Journey through Town

It was a bright, beautiful fall day! It was also my birthday. On a whim, I decided that I wanted to go on a photo run and take pictures of some of the houses in my neighborhood. 1,297 more words


Lowe’s Storage Cabinets and Shelves.

I have been using several of these cheap inexpensive storage shelves from Lowe’s. They are made from 50% recycled plastic (Saving the planet!). I have a 6 foot tall version that I use to store my chemicals, oils, solvents, etc., anything that might be a little toxic that I want to keep away from children and pets. 260 more words


Bees and Honey

As I was out working last week I noticed a stand in front of a house where someone was selling Honey. I stopped to take a look and there were pint jars for $5 and Quart jars for $10 which I thought was a good deal. 443 more words