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Harvest Time is a Busy Time

FYI – Sorry for the delay but a lot has happened since I had the inclination to start this informative site. Now I think I’ll soon have time to start posting on a regular basis.  63 more words

Prepping Your Water

Why should I go to the trouble of storing water? I am on the public water system and we have never had a problem here. Well, that is exactly what most people in Ohio thought. 216 more words



Solace exists within reach, because most do not stand alone. They reflect a confidence of sorts. A tribute of duration decades over, where summer suns expose the vulnerable.

Oregon Photos

Long Sigh

Little house on the weary. Was potential granted under bare skies where winds wave between shy stems of near blonde atop trembling terrain void of courtesy, omitted of condensation? 10 more words

Oregon Photos

Homestead Update

It’s been a rough week at work, the insects are needing to be sprayed everywhere and the farmers are not happy, especially since the prices of all the crops have taken a severe tumble downward the past few weeks. 448 more words


The Ultimate Move?

I’m back from a few days of rest, traveling with the husband and son to DH’s medical convention in Destin, Florida.  That break delayed me in getting things done and taking pictures that I’d planned to share with you, and so I have An Important Announcement. 616 more words

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Homestead Update and Cute Cats!

Hey, tagging with cute cats always gets extra hits, so here we go.

Poor ole Kensey had to go to the vet last week to check out a bad sore place on his nose. 268 more words