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Weeds Among the Wheat

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A); 7-20-14

Wis 12:13,16-19; Ps 86; Rom 8:26-27; Mt 13:24-43

Deacon Jim McFadden; St. John the Baptist C.C.

        Jesus tells stories–lots of them. 1,019 more words


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


You have heard me say many times before that, for those who believe, there is always a resurrection.  Suffering is never without meaning; pain is never without healing; mistakes are never without redemption. 106 more words


Homily: 16th Sunday in Orindary Time, Cycle A

Readings of the Day

“And they lived happily ever after.”  It’s the end of a lot of stories we grew up with, isn’t it?  Boy finds girl, seeker finds what he or she is looking for, employee gets the executive job with a corner office, somebody gets a windfall that makes it possible for them to live in luxury for life.  461 more words


How Can God be Real when there are so many Bad Seeds?

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Shay is a friend of mine.  I met him one January day in California.  I had daytripped with my family to Mt. Pinos, the tallest mountain in Ventura County at 8,847 feet, for a bit of fun: sledding, building a snowman, maybe having a snowball fight, picnicking, and otherwise romping around on the snow for several hours. 1,543 more words