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Leaving the relatives in the lurch

With Christmas fast approaching, planning how to avoid one’s old racist uncle, insufferably irritating cousins and generally being rid of the overly undesirable extended family as quickly as possible is obviously very high up most people’s agenda. 2,654 more words


Making a Move - Hitting on and Getting Hit on

The first step in the art of dating is probably one of the most difficult to perfect. Hitting on a potential partner is an act that requires charisma, gut, and a solid amount of social skills. 417 more words


Again, really?

Today I was reminded once again that no matter any girls I date, how many times I am honest and open about my sexuality, I will always be assumed as ‘going through a phase’ until I’m ‘straight again’. 490 more words


WeHo meets Irish

I touched ground, sun ablaze and the heat almost palpable. I had arrived. As I crossed the tiny tube that brings you off the airplane all I thought was “I cannot believe I am here!” … 578 more words


Welcome Back Irish Gay, and Welcome to California

As I sit here on this Virgin Atlantic flight halfway across the world from my habitat of North Dublin, Ireland to the bright lights of Los Angeles and beyond I realise how much my life has changed in the last six months. 653 more words


I Don't Like This At All

but this person has a right to be a dumbshit bigot just like i have the freedom of speech to put prohomo on my own tag.

Dreams and Desires: Dreaming of Equality

This post was originally posted on Queerky.net, a blog I wrote for last year. You can find that post here.

Dreams and desires can be a difficult topic to talk about. 572 more words