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City of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons! Another Violation of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Annise Parker, middle, Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor

It appears that the city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding that that a group of pastors turn over any sermons which deal with homosexuality, gender identity or the mayor herself. 52 more words


Thoughts: The Man Who Laughs

The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo
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Oh, pathetic division of an intellect, of a will, of a brain, between two brothers who are enemies!

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Victor Hugo

Ma'had Putra Memiliki Salaf Dari Ulama dan Fuqoha

Tanya: Bagaimana membantah pendapat pemuja pesantren putri: “Pesantren putra juga ada penyelisihan syariat di dalamnya, ada juga yang luthi (homo)”.

Jawab: Begitulah keadaan ahlul ahwa’, bila mereka tidak mampu membangun hawa mereka di atas dalil, maka mereka akan memunculkan syubhat yang berbau curhat. 334 more words


Ethiopian (homo) Dating 101

The first time I was introduced as a cousin, confusion was the only thing that kept me from laughing. I was anxious for the person I was being introduced to leave so I could inquire about the whys. 211 more words

5 Labels We Need To Stop Using To Describe People

It’s become second nature for us to have a name or ‘label’ for everyone and everything but is it really necessary?

We do it because we seek ways to distinguish people from one another, to give us a sense of order despite us all being human. 424 more words



Initially, the news that Ethiopia voted against the United Nations’ resolution to end anti-gay violence and discrimination did not have much of an effect.

Despite the fact that the idea of ending violence and discrimination is a universal value that is hard to disagree with, Ethiopia’s vote is exactly what I expected. 335 more words