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Saving Baby Gays

Being a lesbian in this day and age is actually pretty breezy for the most part. The world has opened up for us, and even though there are still a lot of people running scared (including the Australian Government), it’s probably the best time in history to come out of the closet. 753 more words

Baby Gay

The vast majority of us are not "Homo economicus".

Often, when I write about moral instincts, people respond with assertions that we’re essentially selfish creatures and that nothing about morality is natural.  There’s a name for this concept of the solely self serving  human being, “Homo economicus.”  The Neuroskeptic discusses a study that looked for them:   481 more words


Viktigast av allt är könet!

-“Jaha! vad blir det för något då”

-“Vet ni vad det blir för något?”

-“kommer ni att ta reda på könet?”

-“vet ni om det blir en pojke eller flicka”? 470 more words

The Attack On Rainbows

Wow, that title really makes you realize how differently rainbows are looked at nowadays — as a symbol, at least. It used to be “OMG, rainbows this, rainbows that, rainbows everywhere, unicorns, it’s so beautiful” and now people are either like… 532 more words

Controversial Subjects

Hello readers,

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Kevin a 23 year old homo living in the suburbs of Dallas Texas. I was born in Southeast Asia, and lived most of my childhood and teenage years in one of the Islands of the Pacific. 249 more words

The Doors of Perception (reloaded)

“Space was still there; but it had lost its predominance. The mind was primarily concerned, not with measures and locations, but with being and meaning. 161 more words


20 Things You Don't Say To A Gay Guy

So you know how as a kid you’re always told, “never ask a woman how old she is”, “don’t talk back to adults”, and “think before you speak” ?? 303 more words