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Homo Phones

My prized print that my husband likes so much… Hoping to get prints sold next year. Or get it printed on shirts and other merch.

Calculated joy

Hurray. The anti-gay rally planned for April 26 has been cancelled. And the plan to include gay sex to a list of crimes not eligible for presidential pardons has also been dropped. 338 more words

Call Me A Homo

It has been suggested that we avoid using the words Homosexual and Homosexuality because of the way the terms are used by religious groups and anti gay activities. 218 more words


Transgression Selection #4: Root

From Luno’s forthcoming release Transgression, available Spring 2014 from Forces of Faggotry.

On Transgression, Luno goes back to basics, recording on 4-track tape with all the analog warmth and raw immediacy of his early recordings. 19 more words

Forces Of Faggotry

5 reasons why you should NEVER use the phrase 'That's Gay' when something goes wrong..

To those who you use the phrase ‘That’s gay’ when something goes wrong,.. Here’s 5 quick things you should probably realise..

1) When you say ‘My computer is being well gay’, to refer to the fact it’s not working… … 200 more words


I admired you
I looked to you for guidance
I fell for you
Over and over again
I thought you loved me too

I have you my body… 131 more words