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A Case of Mistaken Identity?

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield gives another insightful look at her own life.



It’s hard enough just to fall in love
And if you can’t let go you will fall apart
Close the door and put the lights on… 296 more words

S #14 and S #15

Post-breakup I was in a matchbox apartment in the centre of the city, which didn’t help with the growing paranoia and feelings of nauseating depression that would lead me to what I have often wondered, looking back, was perhaps a small psychotic break. 684 more words

Part IV. A.

This is the perfect time-
I should be crying, but I just can’t let it show.
From the things that I shouldn’t have said, but I did- For you to know. 42 more words

Cuando Yo Muera

Here’s a rib for you.
A pancreas for my mother.
My liver goes to her- so vile; no other.
My kidneys- one for him and one for my brother. 76 more words

Homolobbying and the Real Reason For Homophobia

Supporters of single-gender and queer (does that word include zoophilia?) relationships try to scare normal people with the word homophobia. What does it really mean? 1,500 more words

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LGBTQ parade I know of no one who hates or fears homosexuality. Thus, the word "homophobic" is a bit of a misnomer. What we feel is distaste for the idea of anal sex. That distaste is instinctive. It's an evolutionary adaptation that has been passed on to us for thousands of years. Rejecting and denying our instinctive feelings leads to all sorts of troubles for us, most notably that we feel a self-hatred brought on by living a lie. Let the reblogged post here explain it. This piece is featured tonight on the Daily Stormer and has been reblogged on several other websites as well.