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I’ve inadvertently dismembered, disfigured, deboned, decapitated, debilitated, damaged, deadened, darkened, disapproved of, dismissed, decolorized, detracted from, debated and/or dangerously destroyed dozens of deep-fried dreams. I also have a flair for the melodramatic. 21 more words


Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland (1920-1991) was a Finnish artist famous for his drawings of homosexual encounters.

That’s the bio. Now on to the artworks.

There’s something hilarious about Tom of Finland’s work but we can’t quite work out what it is. 158 more words

Mardi Gras

Excerpts of 'Variations' Stories on Wattpad

I have excerpts from the two short stories in my Variations series of short stories.

Fur & Gold, loosely based on Beauty and the Beast… 71 more words


The Making of X

Or how to make an oil painting in two minutes. Just film 3 weeks’ work and speed it up! Is it blasphemy or bondage? See more here


May 27th Night Picks

This may be a bold way to start a blog but before I make tonights picks I wanna just revisit something that a note to friends probably once a week: Henrik Lundqvist is one of the most handsome mother fuckers I’ve ever seen. 183 more words

Mark of the Cross People

For the first time in 15 years, I’m painting again, exhibiting my work at the Sin In My Heart show in Manchester. Once upon a time, in Amsterdam, I had one of my oil paintings up in a sex shop. 119 more words

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