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They Came From Denton High

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy horror film directed by Jim Sharman. The screenplay was written by Sharman and Richard O’Brien… 464 more words


Week 7: To See--The Sophists pt. I

This week’s readings introduce us to the Sophists, both on their own terms–in the Dissoi Logoi and Gorgias’s “Enconmium of Helen”–and in Plato’s terms, in depictions of Socrates in dialogue. 1,354 more words

Homoeroticism in Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Ralph Pordzik in “Orwell’s Queer Desire: The Art of Innuendo in Burmese Days, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, and Coming Up for Air” provides an interesting lens I hadn’t thought of as we talked about Keep the Aspidistra Flying: that Gordon is sexually interested in men even though he may not recognize it in himself. 359 more words

Kafka and Capote Side-by-Side

Colin Firth and Matthew Goode in A Single Man (Tom Ford, 2009)

What would it be like, the main character in Christopher Isherwood‘s novel… 222 more words


Of the Cosmos on Our Skin

Our every breath
Borrowed from the dying stars,
Our blood the salt seas,
Tonight we will feel the ghosts
Of the cosmos on our skin. 92 more words