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Thinking with: Five Quotes

“I grew up in the midst of poverty but every black kid that I knew could read and write. We have to talk about the fact that we cannot educate for critical consciousness if we have a group of people who cannot access Fanon, Cabral, or Audre Lorde because they can’t read or write. 249 more words

Learning new ways of living with(in) fear

I have to sit here and have the headache of another.



Stop telling me to be strong.

I want to live with/in my weakness.

Do not tell me to smile if you didn’t wake up as me. 111 more words

Bryan Fischer Wins the Comstock Award (again)

Bryan Fischer, president of the American Family Association, has won the Anthony Comstock Award for Priggery again. The award, in memory of the famous man of morals, Anthony Comstock, salutes self-righteousness and superiority assumed without any basis by people whose true happiness comes from creating problems, pain, and suffering for others. 801 more words


Food For Thought

I was born in the 1990s. 1993 to be exact. In Ireland homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993. The year basically I was born. Therefore in my lifetime, my sexuality has been completely legal. 504 more words


Masculinities 101 Week in Review: February 28, 2014

In the news…

Jack Burkman, a Washington lobbyist, wants to propose legislation that would ban gays from playing in the NFL. He believes that such a bill is needed to protect the field, locker room, and our national character. 468 more words


“. . . historical events exchange glances with nothingness.”

I have been disturbed—shall I be the gay drama queen I sometimes can’t control?—shaken to the core by actions by two governments half a world apart that seem to me to be identical in nature and in scope. 1,037 more words


You want shit on my dick or blood on my knife?


Officially the most homophobic and disturbing sentence I have ever received from someone. Followed up with “you know what i mean queerboy.” You really gotta love people eh? :D