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Diseased Homosexuality

I have come across a surprisingly ignorant status on Facebook, and despite the convincing of his friends, the original poster still thinks homosexuality is a mental illness. 512 more words


How to tell if your friend is bisexual

The elusive bisexual is an extremely rare and shy creature; so rare, in fact, that its very existence is shrouded in myth. Some say that the bisexual does not have a mirror reflection; others say that it only takes a human form in order to conceal its true purpose of world domination. 296 more words

No Place for Bigotry in Summer Camp!

A few weeks ago, a newsletter happened to cross my desk. It was one of many unsolicited pieces of mail that I normally send straight to “File 13”, but for some reason I glanced at this one and within minutes my blood was at a full, raging boil. 765 more words

Social Commentary


When I come out to kids in my classes (I have to do it regularly because we get a new batch every year) I like to demonstrate my lack of gay superpowers. 378 more words

Friday Reads: Bigots on the Right

Good Morning!

I absolutely cannot believe the hatred coming out of the Republican Party and its christianist grass roots these days.  It’s downright embarrassing that my Governor is leading the charge.   2,036 more words

Morning Reads

When Homophobes Attack

I am what you would probably call a semi-out lesbian.  Out on social media.  Out at work.  Out to my friends.  Out to some (but not all) of my family.  400 more words