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An Open Letter to John Waters

Dear John Waters,

Upon reading and hearing your most recent interviews I felt the need to respond to you, and hope you do not feel ‘attacked’ as you have by other peoples’ criticisms of your harmful commentary regarding both gay marriage and adoption and more recently, mental illness. 1,640 more words


Cuba to Host Event Against Homophobia

Havana, Apr 24  -  The 7th Cuban Day against Homophobia will include a regional conference of the International Association of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People in Latin America and the Caribbean (ILGALAC),for the first time in Cuba.



The United States, which prides itself on lecturing rabidly anti-gay governments in Russia and Ghana, is home to plenty of homophobic laws itself, including laws which criminalize anal sex. 196 more words


Animal Instincts

I am of the David Attenborough generation of natural history documentaries. My ‘education’ of the natural world, the idea of instincts and virtually all things seemed to be infused with some version of Darwinian evolutionary certainty. 999 more words


What Should I Do About My Homophobic Friend?

I have a homophobic friend and I have done nothing about it. He makes derogatory jokes and I say nothing. There is no doubt that this is partially due to cowardice on my part, but I am also unsure of how to respond. 711 more words

I'm bored and have a computer so its time for an internet rant


Ok there is a serious problem with life at the moment. There are too many homophobic jerks out there who are getting away with it. 379 more words

The First Annual Russian Open Games

The Russian LGBT Sports Federation, held the first annual Russian Open Games in February. Amidst constant venue cancellations, police raids and matches being interrupted by smoke bombs, athletes from all over Russia and the world took part in the games. 745 more words