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America's gay rights battle goes global

Do they really think that taking their “fight” global will make things change here? I think foreign countries are far more accepting of LGBT than we are here in the US. 101 more words

Gay Marriage

Politics and The Cliched Language

This article with an intentionally awfully-punned title is about The Adolf Hitler of Language: Cliches

In 1946, George Orwell wrote his most well-known essay “Politics and the English Language” 1,413 more words

Not Buying It, Until Someone Goes to Jail

I saw this ridiculous post circulating on tumblr:

No legitimate media is reporting on this, at all. I believe this to be another 4 Chan hoax. 128 more words

The catharsis of rage.

A few days ago I decided to deactivate my Facebook page.  It wasn’t a big decision; social media isn’t that big a part of my life.   446 more words