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I'm bored and have a computer so its time for an internet rant


Ok there is a serious problem with life at the moment. There are too many homophobic jerks out there who are getting away with it. 379 more words

The First Annual Russian Open Games

The Russian LGBT Sports Federation, held the first annual Russian Open Games in February. Amidst constant venue cancellations, police raids and matches being interrupted by smoke bombs, athletes from all over Russia and the world took part in the games. 745 more words

Culture Comes First: Johnny Weir is Treading on Thin Ice


Elton John, Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna, Richard Alther, Barack Obama. Multiple public figures and celebrities have commented on the anti-LGBT propaganda laws in Russia. The latest this week is from Johnny Weir, the ex-figure skater who will be a commentator in the Sochi Olympics next year. 1,277 more words

Welcome to Russia, Please Leave your Rainbows at Customs.

There have been rumours going around recently, that homosexuality has made it to Russia. Thanks to Western influence, particularly from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Elton John and other such offenders, the Russian youth are at danger to succumbing to this new non-traditional movement. 2,518 more words

MTV's "Faking It": Progressive and Inclusive, or Insensitive and Offensive?

MTV is set to air the premiere of their new show Faking It, starring Hungover Games actress Rita Volk and former American Idol contestant  538 more words

Football vs homophobia

So now, that the world championship in Brazil is on its way, an important topic considering football should be reconsidered.

Do you already know the… 88 more words