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Irish School Wants To Teach 'Both Sides' Of Gay Tolerance

It happens in Ireland, too?

This week, an Irish school canceled an anti-homophobic bullying workshop because people who think homophobic bullying is OK weren’t invited to enlighten children with their side of this hotly contested issue. 137 more words


Rising Ukip Star Steven Woolfe Is Putting Himself Forward As Nigel Farage's Successor

Senior Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe has suggested that he could stand to succeed Nigel Farage as leader of the party, describing it as “one of the most exciting jobs to do”. 1,485 more words


How do UKIP attract racists like Jacqui Jackson?

They tell us they are not racist but have the backing from the English Defence League, Britain First and the British National Party which is probably why they attract supporters such as Jacqui Jackson. 113 more words


Well I guess it happened

So I told my mom. She knows that I’m dating Sam now. And it did not go well. She called me and told me that she feels like I have been lying to her for months and that I don’t even feel like her daughter anymore. 111 more words


Homophobia Sucks!

Warning! There’s a big stupid world of ignorant bigots out there just waiting to pounce, and spew their ignorance and hatred upon unsuspecting open minded individuals like myself. 1,012 more words

#nohomo, or, a list of words/phrases as an alternative for the word 'gay' I could find at time of writing.

This post was made with absolutely no intention to cause offence. It may also be deemed fit for the title of NSFW (not safe for work). 498 more words