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Negative Comments

Below I’ve copied and pasted a negative comment that I did not approve.

This was one of two to date that have attempted to post on Our blog. 242 more words


A little historical perspective about the "intolerance" of Christians.

The situation in US is more like the first century now then it ever has been in my lifetime. Christians have been considered “intolerant haters… 216 more words

Politics/Current Events


Long time, no see.  For that I apologize.  It’s been roughly a week since I last updated.  Normally, I would find that upsetting, but lately, I don’t really care.   416 more words

The Lost Years

Every so often I get so, so angry.  Angry with the world, and my family, and the age I grew up in, but mostly angry with myself.   329 more words

Photos: Homophobic attacker left hammer embedded in skull of gay flatmate

18 year old Connor Huntley (pictured above) was found by medics with a hammer embedded in his skull after his homophobic flat mate, 21 year old Joseph Williams attacked him with a hammer as he slept in their 2-bedroom apartment in Kent, UK. 164 more words

Follow-up News

jk rowling twitter shutdown

so jk rowling managed to draw twitter’s attention to a homophobic account and get it shut down!

harry potter SLAM


You Love Who You Love (Who You Love)

Okay, it’s confession time. I have fallen in love with the documentary “Bridegroom.” It’s truly terrible, what happens to this young, vibrant couple. And yet, it’s strangely beautiful to watch what becomes of it. 515 more words