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Man jailed for Vauxhall Ammonia attack

On Thursday 28th August 2014, Jonathan Lynn was sentenced by Judge Etherington to two years and four months in prison.

Here are links to news articles about the sentencing. 135 more words

Hate Crime

Jonathan Kerrigan... Does he Hate Mentally Ill Fans?

No-one has figured Jonathan Kerrigam out yet, even though he has been known for 18 years. Definitely a hard cookie to crack. Gay. Straight. Homophobe. These are just a few things Jonathan has claimed to be. 150 more words

Jim Wells, creationism and the criminal justice bill.

The perpetually blundering and blubbering, Jim Wells, MLA has proposed an amendment to the criminal justice bill which will effectively block private clinics from performing terminations during early stage pregnancy in Northern Ireland. 417 more words



It pains me to see,
Homophobic Russia,
The hunted, they flee,

Caught on camera,
Sacked from work,
All because,
Putin hurts,

I can’t stand the propaganda, 14 more words


Homophobic Religious Protest Signs

Checking out what has been happening on the web today I ran across these signs, and these abhorrent messages are courtesy of some Christians, Jews and Muslims. 278 more words


I Guess It's Time to Defend the MPAA

1) A film called Love Is Strange came out today.

2) It’s about a gay couple, but it has no sex.

3) The MPAA rated it R for language. 86 more words


Do texts reveal Mackays Mood...

The alleged text and email exchanges between Malky Mackay and Ian Moody show a culture of racism, prejudice, homophobia and arrogance that I know to be the unfortunate true face of the state of top level professional football.
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