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E-Book Review of Jonathan Morrow's "Is the Bible Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, and Genocidal?"

God’s Perspective vs. Man’s Perspective

Book Review by Dr. David P. Craig

The default mode of the human heart is to replace our central focus on God and replace this void with idols at the center of our lives. 1,090 more words

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I'm Coming Out

Gay? Stop Trying To Change Yourself And Be Yourself!

I know this is hard when there are so many outside forces fighting against you, but the more you stand up to the homophobic forces that may be, the more momentum you gain.  248 more words


Shonda Rhimes Schools Homophobic Twitter Follower Upset Over ‘Gay Scenes’

Shonda Rhimes, the HSIC (Head Sista In Charge) at ABC on Thursday nights, took a homophobic Twitter follower to task after they admitted to being all in their feelings over the abundance of “gay” sex explored in… 175 more words


Am I Actually An Inadvertent Sexist, Racist And Homophobic Gamer?

So Gamergate huh?…..My that certainly escalated quickly! Well not really, it had been toiling for some considerable time. But don’t worry I shan’t be expressing my opinion on the affair for a protracted length, as it’s an already congested forum of debate, but the accusations of subverted nepotism in the media and affectionate collusion with publishers, widely perceived by the gaming community is something that intrigued me. 469 more words


Really Queen!?

So Psychic Sally’s husband spouts homophobic abuse at someone and now a drag queen is defending him because he once offered to march in a pride parade!? 131 more words


Gay Marriage

Recently, the Supreme Court passed up its opportunity to re-enter in a debate about gay marriage. As one of the most democratic countries in the world, it concerns me that the United States is not taking any actions to find a compromise to this interminable controversy. 284 more words

Enterprise Organization

'Teen Mom' Fans Outraged Over Briana Dejesus' Homophobic Tweet!

Oh you thought you saw the last of the ‘Teen Mom 3′ gals? Well it looks like at least one of them stirs up just enough trouble to gets fans talking. 82 more words