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Michele Bachmann: Gays Want To Let Adults 'Freely Prey On Little Children Sexually'

I see news articles like this, and I just don’t know what to say.  I understand that there is hatred and prejudice still against many people.   175 more words

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Grey - A Toast

Here is to all the people who are slyly trying to call out their facebook friends on using the word tr*nny in their latest facebook post. 283 more words


Society doesn't need people like this, never mind someone running for mayor

The above photo was taken from Oshawa mayoral candidate Joe Ingino’s Facebook and calls it the gay rendition of Mt. Rushmore.
If you live in Oshawa and own a bird you may recognize Joe Ingino as the person supplying the paper for your birdcage. 370 more words

Stats Don't Matter

I have a weakness. I read the stats on the blog. I look to see if anyone “likes” a post. I check to see if anyone reads a post. 313 more words


'Hateful f*ck'! Tolerance mob lashes out at Tony Dungy over thoughts on Michael Sam

Forward, the Tolerance Brigade! We will not tolerate your intolerance!

That’s the message former NFL coach Tony Dungy is receiving after daring to say that he wouldn’t’ve leapt at the chance to get openly gay NFL draftee Michael Sam on his team. 1,248 more words

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Maybe I'm Stupid

Maybe I’m just stupid.

I am not smart enough to be able to understand hate. I can not figure out why someone would fear an other person that means them no harm. 247 more words


No place for homophobia in the back of your cab!

Recently I had a complaint from a gay couple who booked a cab from a gay venue in Vauxhall. On the way home they were asked by the driver to stop holding hands and kissing in the back of his cab - as he thought their behaviour was unacceptable. 773 more words