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"Jesus Christ!" Curse or Praise??

You open the book, the words clearly say, ‘Rob stood up and said “Jesus Christ!”’  Was I cursing or offering praise? How do you know? 317 more words

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Don't Let The Mean People Get To You

Just because things are not going your way … Just because people are being mean to you … Just because people say nasty things behind your back … Just because you hit a rough spot … Just because you are distracted to the point of insanity … does NOT necessarily mean you are doing something wrong. 484 more words

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Love Like Jesus?

“What if instead of trying to defend our religious rights, Christians concerned themselves with siding with others whose rights are routinely trampled? What if instead of trying to legally make life more difficult for gays, we worried only about how we could affirm their unsurpassable worth in service to them? 417 more words

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Jesus Blog: Guilt & Shame

More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you…

My beloved: I don’t want you to wrestle with guilt.

Many Christian teachers use guilt to motivate people to action they deem necessary. 153 more words

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Do Gay People Have Better Sex Than Straight People?

“Sex with you is so good, we should celebrate it by having sex.”

Do LGBTQ people have better sex than straight people? Maybe they do. Just maybe they do. 348 more words

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How do you say "Mom, I"m Gay" in Spanish?

A Dad in England kicks his gay son out of the house. A church in Australia shuns a family for supporting their lesbian daughter. A transgender woman is attacked in South Africa. 394 more words

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Could You be Wrong?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

This post is inspired by a beautiful young man, whose family is constantly haranguing him and banning him from family gatherings because he is gay. 329 more words

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