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Love, Thomism, Jews, and Gay Marriage

Love is what you bring into your circle of concern. You value it for your own happiness and the happiness of the other. It’s what you’ve found a way to WORK WITH rather than wall yourself off from, marginalize, and demonize–and this thereby evokes the better angels of your nature. 787 more words

Roman Catholics, Evolution, Homosexuality, and the Religion of ME

The Roman Catholic Church has again been revealing just how far it is from Biblical Christianity.  Pope Francis has spoken out in support of evolution and/or the big bang theory in regard to the origins of the universe and of man.   1,499 more words

Thoughts On The News

Human Rights Campaign: Tim Cook’s announcement that he is gay will save countless lives

The following is a statement from The Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest LGBT rights organization, verbatim:

Today in an op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly took a courageous step forward. 296 more words



Tim Cook “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” 879 more words


Kudos to you, Mr. Cook

I just finished reading a wonderfully-written post by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, wherein he publicly speaks up about his sexual orientation for the first time. He explains that he values his privacy, which is why he’s yet to deliberately open up about the fact that he’s gay to most people outside of his supportive structure of colleagues, friends and family. 391 more words

Personal Growth

A Wedding

My family is close, even the step brother and sisters are very close.  We cannot help it, we get along.  We fight at times like normal siblings, but mostly we just plain get along and enjoy each other’s company.   1,296 more words


Roman Revival 4: The Knapps and Idaho

I mentioned last night that there were two stories in the news prompting my recent and I might add an atypical run of discussions on Gay Marriage. 513 more words