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Book Review: Is God anti-gay?

Is God anti-gay?  And other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction.  Sam Allberry, Epsom, UK:  the Good Book Company, 2013.  Paperback, 93 pages, $8.98. 587 more words

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Setting things straight...



I have wanted to write about this for a long time now, I realized that it is indeed very difficult to get myself to articulate about something that has pissed me off and to put it into language when all I want to do is scream and punch people who maintain a straight face whilst spewing buckets of irrationality. 623 more words

Warning: Unpopular Opinion Ahead

Phil Robertson Makes Anti-Gay Remarks, Says Being Gay is a Sin. Phil Robertson sounds off on gays. Duck Dynasty Patriarch Slams Gay People. These are just a few of the titles highlighting the recent controversy over the temporary suspension of Phil Robertson from the popular show, Duck Dynasty, hosted by A&E, allegedly because of some comments he made during a GQ interview concerning homosexuality. 749 more words

Is the message itself offensive?

I want to ignore those (often unintentionally) hateful Christians who cannot accept homosexuals for a little while. Let us talk about those Christians who

  1. Truly believe homosexuality is a sin, but…
  2. 791 more words

The Gay Debate

Two years ago, Matthew Vines stepped into a Wichita, Kansas church and spoke at length about why Christianity was perfectly compatible with homosexuality, if only people would give it a chance. 76 more words

Ryan Hite

April 18, 2014--'Good' Friday

Today we mourn.

We grieve for all those who have been unjustly accused;
unjustly prosecuted;
unjustly punished;
unjustly killed.

We pray for those we know who are perpetually put in these unjust situations. 56 more words