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"It's not a choice" An article by a religious homosexual.

I am a volunteer living in Nigeria. I won’t tell you if I am a male or female. Whether I belong to the Nigerian group of volunteers or the UK group of volunteers. 844 more words

Love in Christianity

I am not Christian. I read the Bible (typically the Revised Standard Edition, although I often compare with other translations) as an exercise in understanding the perspective and motivations of the most common religion in my culture, and there are some parts of it I genuinely enjoy. 535 more words



Fifty years ago this month, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed.


The Extremist Next Door

Today’s post is a reaction to a post by Ofilispeaks on Facebook. Ofilispeaks is one of my favorite Nigerian blogs. Actually, he is the reason I started reading Nigerian blogs. 961 more words


Finding the Right Partner - For You

I went to a dance the other night, a contra dance, kind of like square dancing, where you change partners down the line. So one woman had to dance in the “male” role to even the numbers. 369 more words

Gay Christian

The Brave New Word on Gender Issues

My second son has just been away on a trip to Holland. The following was given as part of the guidelines:

“Gender separation at night. A policy of gender separation (by wing) at night is in place for obvious reasons. 174 more words