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Eric's 12 Days of Anime #9: Tokyo Needs More Gay

I don’t have many strong feelings regarding Tokyo Ghoul. I started watching it in October, but only recently finished it despite it being only 12 episodes. 410 more words


How is Gay Celibacy Different from Straight Celibacy?

[This is the third in a series of three posts on celibacy. The first was What Does Genesis 2:18 Really Teach? and the second was… 924 more words


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Celibacy Jeremy Erickson is the final blogger I have chosen as one of my favorites for the year 2014. He is a regular contributor at SpiritualFriendship.org. Other great articles by Jeremy include: My Early Teen Years (Part 2): Practical Reflections What I Learned From My Ex-Gay Days (Part 2): Reflections To continue reading this post, click the "View Original" link (below) or "Spiritual Friendship" link next to Jeremy's photo.

Unintentionally Queer - Gender Bendin' Demos

So far, the main focus of my blog has been the production values and instrumentation on various Wall of Sound recordings. But this is of course only the icing on the cake. 2,132 more words

Phil Spector

But... Do You Want to be My Friend?

Homosexuality is an issue that, still today, divides the Church. Many congregations and ecclesial movements are struggling to strike the balance between fidelity to the truth and ‘loving all people.’ Some groups have even come forward and stated that living the gay lifestyle isn’t sinful. 1,600 more words


Christian Hypocrisy #4589837482928: Pastor's Gay Adultery Attempt

Since I have ceded the War on Christmas to Bill O’Reilly, and since I have confessed my allegiance to Christopher Hitchens as the closest thing to a deity that I’ll likely admit, and since I feel like celebrating this holiday season, and since I’m a person of the 90’s and a heartfelt Seinfeldian, I’m going to combine my interests and make up my own holiday (see… 383 more words


Being a Senior, and My Classmates' Thoughts on Homosexuality.

So…this is my last year! I am so excited, but also so scared; because, if you read my previous posts, you know I am planning to come out after college, and school is nearly over which means I would go to college soon, and I don’t want to come out and lose my family, I am getting attached to them by the day and I am not ready to lose them so I will rethink about coming out, which scares me too, because I want to come out I don’t to stay imprisoned in my own body. 622 more words


The heterosexual obsession with everything G-A-Y.

My gay week has been filled with a cocktail of joy, happiness, dread, and bitterness. One could call it a “Margarita week with extra salt on the rim that I didn’t ask for”. 285 more words