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“Was Bonhoeffer Gay?” and Other Adventures in Missing the Point – Trevin Wax… 14 more words


When is an opinion not an opinion? Tony Dungy and Homosexuality

“That’s my opinion” is the golden gun of arguments.

Nearly impossible to counter, it is the last resort of someone who does not have the tools to win an argument, but will not concede defeat either. 1,131 more words

Why I changed my views on homosexuality

Why would anyone care about how I changed my views about homosexuality and what brought about that change? One would not – unless of course one would like to see how I caved into the traps of liberalism, or sold my soul to western values sacrificing traditional ones, or perhaps just curious about how the transformation happened. 1,677 more words

Random Rants

Stop with the rhetoric. Disagreeing ≠ hate

I don’t have many pet peeves but one of them is when people extract certain people’s comments for a complete statement, and use this statement out of context. 958 more words


Why Not?

Quick warning, this might sound a lot like a post I published awhile ago, but due to a recent event, I felt a strong push to speak on it.  1,248 more words


Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage and the Bible

One of the biggest issues facing Christianity – and all of America – today is the issue of homosexuality. Is Same Sex Marriage the same as traditional marriage? 1,221 more words

Gay Marriage

Same-sex Marriage and the New Testament

By Gene Gosewehr

**This is part 1 of a 2 part examination of the Christian Worldview on same-sex marriage**

On June 25th in my home state of Indiana, a district court judge declared our law stating that marriage is between a man and a woman (Indiana Code 31-11-1-1) to be unconstitutional. 2,257 more words