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Looks can be deceiving?

So this past week I was judged. When I say I was judged it wasn’t in a manner in which a bad connotation should be inferred, rather more of an observation was made about me. 112 more words


porn, what does it really do?

I love porn, like I really love my porn lol.. The question though that remains however is if there is a point where someone can absorb too much flesh slapping noises and overly enthusiastic moaning and purring without realizing what it really does to or for us? 279 more words


My art

So here are a couple of pieces that I would love some critiquing on, maybe some suggestions, any feedback would be amazing such as potential titles, or maybe stories that you see.

Music and lyrics to drive home a point

Where the mind is not clear

And you are wondering why

‘Cause they look at you strangely

And condition your life

I am taught what love is… 734 more words

Articles- New Indian Express


Enjoying my new Pink Floyd shirt!!!! 🙊🙉🙈💗 enjoying the Little things!


Religion and intolerance

I am not religious myself, I don’t believe there is a God, I do believe that there is some sort of life after death. But the fact that I’m not religious, does not mean I can’t respect people who are. 601 more words

Yeshivas are ok, Madrasas are not

My life’s experience has taught me to take the very opposite position of whatever the mainstream media reports. Thus if the media insists that North American women are powerless victims perpetually oppressed and denied opportunities to succeed, I’m inclined to believe the opposite. 1,013 more words