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MY Reformation Begins

Is it faith to understand nothing, and merely submit your convictions implicitly to the church?  John Calvin

After Jesus rode into Jerusalem as the “king o the Jews” I wonder if he ever regretted it. 960 more words

Wanting for a Title

It’s true, despite four coffees. I can’t think of a title.

I’ll have to get another of those cans of All-Purpose Inspiration next time at the supermarket. 265 more words


The Folly of Exporting Liberalism: A Humble Appeal to End the White Man's Burden

Veteran readers likely recall Dota’s excellent article on the folly of exporting democracy to the non-white world. I’m going to expand on that sentiment and suggest that the white West is also foolish to export liberalism to countries with entrenched conservatism. 652 more words

Conservative Values

Matters Hillary

-This womyn is about to become a Grandmother:

Poor kid.

But I wish the child and Mother well and hope that Chelsea’s pregnancy is untroubled. 472 more words

Stacy McCain

Never Again? Or, History Repeats Itself?

When Hitler started to expand Germany, his big lie was that he was protecting German speaking citizens of neighboring countries who really wanted to be free to join Germany.  925 more words

Humor And Observations

Purge the Bigots

Purge the Bigots
By: William Saletan

Brendan Eich is gone.

The creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla.org has quit as Mozilla’s CEO, forced out… 885 more words