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California Again?

Source: Ozzie Saffa. Check out Ozzie’s site, which is a delightful mix of politically incorrect posts written by Ozzie, who currently lives in Australia. 9 more words


Anti-Gay Jihadist Bernard Gaynor creates petition to have NSW Anti-Vilification protections scrapped

Anti-Discrimination Campaigner and homosexual man Garry Burns has taken legal action against Bernard William Gaynor under the anti-discrimination act 1977 , for publishing statement’s on his Blog / Facebook / Twitter accounts that homosexual males are “sodomy lovers” and endorsing statement’s by publishing them on his Facebook that homosexual men need a good flogging with a “sabot”. 272 more words


Why America is great and always will be

This Video is from Nineteen Eighty Nine. Yep, before Nineties, before the Noughties, and before the decade we’re almost halfway through. It’s an interview with a guy called Marc Christian, a former lover of the actor Rock Hudson. 723 more words


Say goodbye to India's leaders of wickedness

H H Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu’s Interview by Doordarshan



What is God , What is truth , What is Religion?

such questions have always been contemplated & will be done in the future too . 3,044 more words

Who votes Democrat?

Brief examples and explanations of groups who vote Democrat and why.


Due to the historical trade slavery and the acquiring of rights, the African-Americans strive for freedom and equality and wish to end the discrimination. 456 more words


Should homosexuals be allowed to donate organs/ body tissue?

I’ve had to let go of ALOT of anger and learn to forgive myself recently.  Things happen and we don’t know why but find out much later, there is some rationality behind the actions/reactions. 228 more words

Al Nusrah Front releases English-language summary of monthly operations

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

To be known hence forth as the “Rag Head Journal”  The preferred read, of Muslim Terrorists, wife beaters, killers, homosexuals and those who choose sex with animals then women. 681 more words

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