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Some updates are due before going on about the main topic.

One of my brothers, aged 19, now works at the same place as me. It’s been only a week. 218 more words

Blast from the past

Couple of days ago, while I was at work, a random memory surfaced. I meant to write a bit about it sooner but some many things are happening, it gets pushed further back. 468 more words

We live in a society where it appears to be necessary to add a “please no fascists” warning in a gay dating profile.

I guess joke’s on me for not expecting to encounter that many honestly disgusting people on those sites.

Bunch of stuff

It has definitely been a busy period of time. There are various things I want to write about but it’s hard to find the time to write a proper post about it. 433 more words

@JoeMyGod Atlah Church. Harlem. New Neon Message of Hate. http://t.co/pOPGRb2MRL
Real Stories Gallery (@HIVstories) July 26, 2014

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Tales from the workplace: "Oh you are gay? Great, here's my homophobia, can you validate it?"

I’ve long been saying that the place I work in this year is too conservative even for Cyprus, which as a country is certainly not progressive, or secularised, and that I don’t think the already terrible working conditions will get any better if I let them know I’m gay, even though their… 1,163 more words