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Phil Robertson Claims Being Gay Comes With A Penalty of Aids

The idiot pictured above, Phil Robertson from the “classy” Duck Dynasty show, has opened his mouth again to the President of the Family Research Council to once again demonstrate how uneducated he is- err, voice his opinion on gays. 205 more words


Update of sorts — or how I'm straight but I don't know it

Things at work might not be great, even though it’s already September and the work load is supposed to be getting less and less. Everyone is still cranky and work-related fighting might be more quiet and planned now, but it still happens. 1,300 more words


Some updates are due before going on about the main topic.

One of my brothers, aged 19, now works at the same place as me. It’s been only a week. 218 more words

Blast from the past

Couple of days ago, while I was at work, a random memory surfaced. I meant to write a bit about it sooner but some many things are happening, it gets pushed further back. 468 more words

We live in a society where it appears to be necessary to add a “please no fascists” warning in a gay dating profile.

I guess joke’s on me for not expecting to encounter that many honestly disgusting people on those sites.

Bunch of stuff

It has definitely been a busy period of time. There are various things I want to write about but it’s hard to find the time to write a proper post about it. 433 more words