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Tales From The Workplace VIII: Yes, they are still to blame

Never a dull (read not-enraging) moment at work. And that really gets me. It’s getting harder and harder to tolerate those behaviours and not lash out against them. 751 more words

Tales From The Workplace VII: The day I almost quit

It’s not like I haven’t made it clear that I hate my job. I’m struggling not to go all “abolish wage slavery”, but still, the environment in which I… 2,028 more words

Ramblings of a psycho

One of the first posts I began writing on this blog was going to be a recap of my life. I don’t know what compels me to always revisit the past (other than that nothing happens in the present, and that I have nothing to expect from the future). 1,089 more words

HOLY KAMOLE, that was fun!

What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday and get NO work done: watch a sweet quintology of WNBA games.

Most every team involved put in a fine show – entertaining to watch, tough nosed, and almost making you wish we could pull a  FIFA. 345 more words

NCAA Division I

The WNBA's Pride predicament

from Mechelle 

Representing Athlete Ally, Taylor and Appel had a postgame discussion with fans at a restaurant inside AT&T Center right after a recent Stars game.

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What he said: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: We Need to Stamp Out Misogyny in Sports

From his article in Time Magazine:

Many will argue that the pay difference is the result of free market supply and demand. More people want to see men play professional basketball than want to see women play, so the players are paid accordingly.

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NCAA Division I