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Impression Review: Rare and Legendary Bike - Honda NSR 250 MC21 & MC28...

Kobayogas.com – Dear lads, setelah puas melongok-longok dan mencoba ergonomi duo Aprilia RS 125 dan RS 250 milik Koh Hendra Kios Bikers, ternyata koleksinya tidak selesai sampai di situ… jejeran motor langka lainnya menunggu untuk dielus-elus… trio NSR250 berbeda kode dan tahun berjejer bersebelahan… 889 more words


Boosted B-Series Build... Part 2

Welcome back to another update on Corey’s Boosted B-Series Build. Today we’ll be taking a look at the tear down process on the coupe, and I also have some shots of the hatch as it goes through another phase while at the paint shop. 244 more words


Anna's adventures for her Father

Anna is a post doc researcher from Japan, she is now living here in the Bay Area while most of her family is in Japan, so it was really exciting news for Anna that her Father would be coming to visit her. 214 more words


Driving Honda: A Guide Evaluation by Auto Blog Via

We had such higher hopes for Honda at the turn of the millennium. Pick up a copy of Autocar, poignantly dated one January 2000, and examine out the new vehicle price tag guidebook. 34 more words

Track Bred EG6 Build...

The Track Bred EG6 Build has surpassed the amount of parts that I thought it would have. So what I have decided to do is to create a separate post with links to each individual post, so as to free up some of the wasted space at the beginning of each new post. 137 more words


Modifikasi : Honda Vario 130cc

4 taun lalu, tepatnya bulan mei 2010, dengan susah payah merayu orang tua, akhirnya berhasil juga kebeli motor dengan cara nyicil ke babeh, Honda Vario 110cc CW. 231 more words


Honda CRF150F by Auto Blog Via

Comfy and easy to deal with, the Honda CRF150F is a exciting off road bike that can deal fantastic with something you request of it. 44 more words