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Honduras- Roatan and the coral reef

As a visitor to Honduras you are most probably going to visit the Mayan ruins and the island of Roatan………..cheapest diving in the World says Lonely Planet.   313 more words

Honduras- The Mayans stopped here

Meaning they went no further South. The last great southerly site is at Copan, or to provide the town its full title Copan Ruinas. By this stage we have seen a lot of Mayan ruins and we have enjoyed a lot of the ruins and learnt of the Mayans. 848 more words

Honduras- Introduction and some bright spots

After a few days in Honduras my impression of Honduras is a little grey. That is, with a couple of exceptions, not really so visitworthy. Should visitworthy ever be introduced to the Oxford English Dictionary my small part in it’s recognition will provide me satisfaction. 402 more words


It’s going to be a hectic month for several reasons.

it’s Honduran independence month which means

A) every morning we have to march around practising for the parade which means my classes are quite disrupted… 250 more words

No hay electricidad

Written a few days ago-
Day three without electricity

So it’s 6:30 in the morning and the third day we’ve woken to no electricity. It is impossible to realise or even fully imagine how much we rely on electricity until we live without it. 283 more words


I wish I could see the world through the lens of childhood. I imagine it is much more pleasant.
Why is it that we love to see photos of adorable children who live in poverty with their little brown faces intrigued by the camera that costs more money than they will ever see in their lives? 45 more words


A Beautiful Kind of Pain

Lying on my bed in The World’s Most Dangerous City and I’m tired. Beyond tired after a busy couple of weeks. I went out and got drunk last night and it was just like back home. 136 more words