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U.S. Backed Coups from the Streets

By Ronald J. Morgan

The United States is back in the coup business. But instead of the old standby of a military junta, the overthrow of a targeted government will likely come from the streets. 808 more words

Latin America

Bienvenida de nuevo a casa!

As my third time in Honduras and after 6 months of living here, you might think that not much would surprise me anymore. But Honduras, being the mysterious country that it is, never fails to entrance me with its weird and wonderful ways. 969 more words


Teaching Moments

We are in Yoro, Honduras.  We came to Yoro a year ago and then in May last year.  I made raised Square Foot Gardens with the students.   49 more words

More amazing-ness in Honduras

Honduras has more than just beauty in its landscape.  Its people have truly embraced the beauty in loving and turning others towards the One that overflows in true beauty!  172 more words

Hands Giving Hope

Video Shows Dog Being Blown Up

WARNING: Graphic video !!

Dog Killers in Honduras.

This supposedly took place on January 1st 2015. A group of Honduras teenagers strapped Fireworks to a defenseless dog and – after a brief struggle – managed to blow it up. 63 more words


Meet Dr. Ivan | The Newest POI Staff Member

Dr. Ivan began working with us just last month as our new executive director, but he is no stranger to POI. From 2010 to 2012 he served as the doctor and administrator in our neighborhood programs and orphanages. 516 more words


Estamos Aquì #12 - Liberation Theology

Estamos Aquì #12

Liberation Theology

“Nice to look at, pretty to hold:  Once you break it, consider it sold.”

I’m not sure in which store I first saw that placard at the Crossroads Shopping Mall in the early ‘60s, but the message was unmistakable.  310 more words

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