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Personal Assistant and Client Relationship

The relationship between Client and Personal Assistant is much like a two-way Street. The Client has to be honest with the Personal Assistant and vice versa. 35 more words


The Fine Print

One time I was at work and my co-worker was ringing up a customer. This customer had a wide variety of t-shirts. As my co-worker was ringing them up, the shirts were coming up as 12.99. 552 more words

Beginning Anew: Finding Myself with a Fast

Once upon a time, I decided to take a chance on me. I broke up with my boyfriend of one year. I changed my hair, changed my job, and focused more on school. 706 more words


Helicopter parenting and stating the obvious

(image credit: teenlife.com)

I had a remarkable interaction with a parent of a teenager who will be ready to face the working world next summer.   This particular parent just happened upon our resort to scope out potential lodging to stay at next spring while his son pounded the pavement to find himself a job.   347 more words


Looking back

I don’t think that I officially said anything but my boyfriend and I broke up in May. You may have guessed from the last post (if you have read more than this). 740 more words


I wonder what they are thinking?

The other day my daughter mused as to what it might be like if we knew what people were actually thinking about.  Now as an “old man”

When High Ideals Make You Feel Low...

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in FOR-EVER. And as usual, that’s because life has been crazy. Somedays I feel like a hamster on a wheel…Going, going, going but getting nowhere. 855 more words

Mom Confessions