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Punctuation malfunction in my brain and my increasing fear of commas.

There are days when I notice my Alzheimer’s seems to be a bit worse and try to remember to record it for my Alzheimer’s Journey… 643 more words



Write your obituary (via Writing Exercises)

God, this will be a challenge. I was going to say it’s a bit macabre to think of now but actually, should we be looking at death in such a negative way?  322 more words

A Voluptuous Mind


A customer recently came up to my register and her fragrance wafted over me. I assume that she was wearing a body spray. It smelled like sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar on top of the sweetest kind of cotton candy. 679 more words


That Damnable Closet!

23:00 what a day this has been. I started out this morning by seeing a number of visions concerning cleaning out my closets. I have to do this or I will not be able to finish my race well. 744 more words


If superheroes were in the bible..

It’s Book week for my son in a few weeks and his class has picked religion as its theme, so all the kids get to dress up as someone from the Bible. 106 more words


Our Reality

Most alcoholics drink to escape their reality.  However there ARE those who specificity do it for that reason. They are running away from trauma in their lives, pain that others cause them, escape from guilt and anger.   549 more words


A Mid-Summer Night's Musings...

It seems crazy that 3 whole months have gone by already since I last “blogged”. I have often thought about writing something and then quickly dismissed the thought because I didn’t want , or wasn’t ready, to share what was actually going on inside of me. 1,330 more words