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Transparency, Honesty, Honor Not Practiced In Canadian Politics!

I could have easily picked Nova Scotia, Nunavut, or the North West Territories; I could have easily picked Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island to make an example of in the picture above, because I believe that not one of these provincial premiers could lay claim to being the province that is transparent, honest, or honorable in all of its dealings with their citizens and so that makes them no better than those whose pictures are featured above. 1,286 more words

Ask me no questions...I'll tell you no lies!

Warning: This post is rated PG-13. Parents are advised to act as moral police if kids happen to read this post.

Honesty, a view not commonly held and even less commonly practiced, is truly the best policy for everyone (and not just for some, nor just for some of the time) and under essentially all circumstances, but does that stop us from doing it. 843 more words


Be a GOOD marketer! Tips from Jake

If you are into marketing or selling anything online, let me give you some free tips!

DON’T hijack someone’s post to show them your offer. It’s rude and you just shouldn’t do it. 61 more words

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Honesty vs. Graciousness or I Can't Handle the Truth

When did it become okay to say whatever you’re thinking?
I miss the days when we shielded our friends and family from the truth. I’m not talking about life-threatening truths or telling a friend that they have spinach stuck in their teeth. 255 more words

Day 1- April 14,2014


This is my very first video! Sorry that the quality sucks I have a pretty bad webcam but oh well! Thanks! And I LOVE comments/suggestions. 10 more words


I hope you learn to be honest...

So since my user name is “never fall in love,” I think it’s only fair if we talk about love from time to time.

So before I start let me make clear: I strongly believe in love. 1,599 more words


When you have people that just want to receive and not give, it’s time to get rid of them and not look back. 

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