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A little guidance please..

So today I started thinking about honesty in my sobriety.  I get that it is the only way this will work, but at what point are you open and honest with everyone.   229 more words


"rather than something crafted from odds and ends" by Sasha at 49th Parallel

Sunday November 23, 2014
5 minutes
from a quote by Mary Catherine Bateson

found our way back to his place
his place
i usually prefer to go to my place… 127 more words


Stalked, an arrow hits my side

Is this Cupid’s arrow or a hunter’s pride?

The effects of gaslighting

Quite extreme

As I revoke

My loyalty to the pain

You are my crown

I just opened my blog to pray over it and ask God for continued wisdom on how to conclude a post I’ve entitled “Suffering”.  It’s a tough one that speaks to the theology of suffering in our lives and I’ve struggled with how to wrap it up.   676 more words


Saying "I don't know" something is the right answer

So – you are supposed to be an expert in your field – and should have an answer for everything right?  No matter how much you have to fake or how much you are making it up you should give an answer and hope for the best afterwards. 197 more words

Commercial Real Estate

All I Have to Say

When it comes to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, I’m not interested in being stirred up or pooh-poohed, in being lectured or being scolded, in being told what to think or feel or be or do. 248 more words