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Deuteronomy Chapter 22

In this chapter, Moses continued the sermon to the Israelites who were preparing to enter the promised land. He would now go over some of the details to the laws on how they were to treat one another and those things that belonged to each other. 2,113 more words

The Old Testament

Ode to the Friend Who Makes Half-Assed Plans

I have been both the victim of this type of friend and the criminal myself. Normally the situation will happen through text or through a random sighting on the street. 439 more words


I’ve been involved in revival for a long time although for many of those years I missed naming it for what it was. You see, I once believed that revival is marked by a loud, exuberant, ra-ra, experience in the Lord, yet I’ve come to find that revival is a deep, quiet work of the Lord way down inside us. 442 more words


Liebster Award :)

Okay, first of all I am terrible at tech things and have never won anything in my life (yup not even at the school fayre or sports day) and have no idea how this happened or how to get the button up -help!- but  big thank you to Doctor Loony for the nomination - 1,206 more words

My Life

Punctuation malfunction in my brain and my increasing fear of commas.

There are days when I notice my Alzheimer’s seems to be a bit worse and try to remember to record it for my Alzheimer’s Journey… 643 more words



Write your obituary (via Writing Exercises)

God, this will be a challenge. I was going to say it’s a bit macabre to think of now but actually, should we be looking at death in such a negative way?  322 more words

A Voluptuous Mind


A customer recently came up to my register and her fragrance wafted over me. I assume that she was wearing a body spray. It smelled like sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar on top of the sweetest kind of cotton candy. 679 more words