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Getting There


Getting There

He knew what he wanted to say
And how he needed to say it
But, were they the right words
To win her. 51 more words


let's get real.

I feel I need to write a post about the current situation in Israel, but I believe the life I am living in Israel at this current moment is faaaarrrr from the life you think I’m living regarding the news you’re watching at home.   596 more words

Can you really have no regrets?


I like inspirational/motivational quotes on social media sites – sometimes they really make sense to me. Yes, some are cringey and less profound but in general a lot of young people retweet/reblog/pin etc.  843 more words


… So different when no one is around. You act like two different people. It’s like I hardly know you when you’re with work colleagues,  you put on this ‘blokey’ front like you are one of the lads,  when deep down you and I both know you’re not.  435 more words


Coming Out Poly in a Christian Family: All in Good Time

by Lavena Burke

The last time I came out to my family, which was actually to my mom and sister, it was not received as well as I had hoped. 676 more words

Be not afraid to trust your planner.

When hiring a planner you can’t be afraid to trust your planner. A lot of clients that I have are a little anxious. They have every right to be. 235 more words


This is the most honest part of myself which I’m not too sure if I should even post it up. If you do know me personally, I beg of you, read not this post. 2,237 more words

Diary Entries