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The Little Things

You know you’re a writer who lives and dies by her laptop when replacing your laptop battery is a big deal. What’s worse, you’re excited about the fact that you got it for a good price and it should be here sooner rather than later. 638 more words


If It Sounds Like Writing...

I agree wholeheartedly. One of my rules is this: If I cannot visualize it like a mini-movie inside my head, it will not go on paper.


If Human Beings...

I love this. If you’re not reading Amore & Vita, I highly suggest checking it out. :)


Unlucky for Some...

I once upon a time said I was never going to alter or remove numbers from The List.  I meant it when I said it.  I really did because I never thought for a moment that I would encounter such a fine specimen of bottom-dwelling pond scum that I would have to make such a drastic change. 252 more words

Hell De Jour


So today (yesterday by the time you read this) I got stung by believing something that was false. I jumped on a guy who downplayed my complaint about the Roman Catholic practice of enforcing celibacy on their clergy, when Scripture says those “clergy” should be the husband of one wife. 739 more words


When life gets real

In July, I will be a graduate. I need a moment for that to sink in.

The idea of no longer being a student, of being a fully fledged adult with a job and responsibility and pressure, terrifies me. 148 more words

The feelings of anxiety and TV commercials 😬

Recently I felt anxious, not for any particular reason but for its own sake.  Alzheimer’s anxiety?  This is not the first time I have experienced it but let me explain what I mean. 671 more words

My Alzheimer's Journal