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Monarch Butterflies - This breaks my heart...

After 90 Percent Decline, Federal Protection Sought for the Monarch Butterfly

I like to say butterflies are flying flowers. I have been working on a story that will be coming out in the Fall issue of Big Sky Journal Magazine. 171 more words


Sunflowers and Honeybees

This gallery contains 4 photos. No summer would be complete without shots of honeybees working the sunflowers under the blazing summer sun. Photographed at the Sixth Annual Raptor Festival at Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond, BC, on August 17. 119 more words


Wasps give honeybees a bad reputation

Honeybees are awesome enviro-helpers and wasps are intolerant d*cks. It is therefore surprising to find that bees and wasps are thought of interchangeably in the minds of the general public. 369 more words

Apis Mellifera

Swarm Removal and Apiary Update! 8/29/14

It’s been a long time since the last update!  Two weeks ago I got a call for a swarm at a garden center close to my house.   651 more words

The Rooftop Apiary

Understanding the Role of the Worker Bee in a Hive

The majority of the bee hive’s population consists of worker bees. Like the queen, worker bees are all female. They are smaller, their abdomens are shorter, and on their hind legs they possess  679 more words


More than 100,000 bees to live on roof of Glasgow City Chambers

More than 100,000 bees to live on roof of Glasgow City Chambers

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow might be over but there is still a real buzz around the city though this time it is thanks to a colony of honey bees. 138 more words