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Honey Bee Photobomb!!! (Part 1)

Photographer’s Notes: Honey bees are skillful photobombers. This particular bee tried to evict a beetle, but was outmatched.

Gear: Canon Rebel XSi / Canon EF 100mm Macro USM… 94 more words


Images of Hawke's Bay

Hi to all my friends, fans and followers. This is my 400th post since starting this series just over two years ago, and I’m still enjoying myself so I shall continue ;-) 35 more words

Hawke's Bay

Surah An Nahl ( The Bee) :68-69- The Holy Quran

Sahih International

And your Lord inspired to the bee, “Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and that which they construct. 76 more words


Honey Bee, Kucing Buta yang suka naik gunung

Lihat betapa gigihnya ‘Honey Bee’ ini! Meski ia buta ia suka sekali naik gunung bersama tuannya…

My Pet Peeve of the Week

My Pet Peeve of the WEEK

 I have spent several hours this morning going through thousands of images that have been entered into a National Geographic MACRO contest; while there are many gorgeous MACRO shots entered, there are at least one third of the images that I have viewed so far that are not MACRO shots at all – Please stop wasting people’s time! 224 more words

Joyce Dickens

Bee-havior: Bees on the Brain

In investigations into the human brain, a massively complex organ which we favor as being particularly distinguished here on Earth, we most often look to other complex models such as mice, rats, and primates to pry into the black box of our own skulls. 1,992 more words


Hive No. 1

With much apprehension I opened up hive No. 1 yesterday to see if there was anything left. Much to my surprise the bees were doing as well as could be expected. 489 more words

Living There