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THURSDAY: What is the Eastern Carpenter Bee?

24 April 2014


A native of the eastern United States, the eastern carpenter bee (formally, xylocopa virginica) is one of several species of carpenter bees native to North America.    217 more words


Tips For Creating A Bee-Friendly Garden

Top tips for creating a bee-friendly garden this spring by TV presenter Alys Fowler

18 April 2014

Gardening writer and TV presenter Alys Fowler is offering British gardeners top tips to help our bees, as part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign to save vital bees that pollinate our food and make our countryside, parks and gardens thrive. 488 more words


Mass Honey Bee Die-Off In Oregon

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Department of Agriculture says the thousands of honey bees found dead along Highway 99 in Sherwood may have been hit by cars. 122 more words


Without Bees

This is the first image in my TED talk presentation. It is describing pollination and I will also explain how bees pollinate 1/3 of our fruit, vegetables and flowers, and how without them we wouldn’t have such a variety. This is a watercolour image.


BEE ATTACK! Holy Moley, aaaaarrgh!

Darn it, I neglected to get to the hives early enough this spring, and had two of them swarm in the last week (which I did capture because they stopped low enough on branches I could reach)  Those two safely put in boxes, I had intended on doing all the hives today. 905 more words


Saturday Swarm

I received a call on the bee hotline ( 985.277.9460 ) today from Greg, a friend I met last year who had several swarms in his yard. 163 more words