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Photo Walk – August 13, 2014

This is a continuation from my last Photo Walk post here .  I originally thought that all the photos in this post were from my walk home from Blackburn Park.   193 more words

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Hornets are less aggressive than many more frequently encountered wasp species. in spite of their fearsome reputation, they generally only sting in defence of their nest or when something picks them up and their stings are no more dangerous to humans than a wasp’s. 38 more words


Bumpy roads make for a fun ride

The process sounds simple (harvest, extract, bottle and label) and yet somehow it got complicated and the distance between point A and point B went through point Q (with a stopover in Albuquerque). 105 more words

Bee Trivia

Bees decrease food intake, live longer when given compound found in red wine

05 OCT 2012
ASU researchers have confirmed that not only does resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, extend the lifespan of honey bees by 33 to 38 percent, it also changes the decisions that bees make about food by triggering a “moderation effect” when they eat. 642 more words

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Golden Oak Honey Festival

We have a saying, ‘What’s old is new again’ to describe our business of resurrecting old used wine barrels and making them into beautiful decorative barrels that in some ways, are better than new. 231 more words

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Honey Bee

Often people will recommend subject matter for my art.  This particular one – the honey bee – I wondered if I could get myself interested in it enough to come up with the intricacies I like to add.   30 more words