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Cashews To Go Nuts About

The only reason I’m sharing this is because it’s a recipe as opposed to a bowl of toasted honey mustard cashews. Which is what this recipe is for. 250 more words


DIY Blackberry Face mask

Overnight Blackberry Face Mask

I absolutely love leaving this face mask on overnight. It is great for shrinking and diminishing pores as well as brightening and exfoliating the skin. 101 more words


2 Quote A Honey Bee

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”
~Dalai Lama


A Month of Shopping and Guess What You Got?

I hope everyone will be as excited as I am about the wonders I’ve found to bring home.  Please recognize Expressly Italian  is still a work in progress.     994 more words


Dandelion Honey Recipe

Any gardener sees dandelions as a complete pest, they have massive roots, pop up everywhere and it seems no matter what you do you never quite get rid of them! 468 more words

First hive. First day. First sting

Our first WBC hive, bees installed. (note to self, if you go up to the hive without the suit you will get stung and it hurts, lesson learned)


All About Honey

Honey is generally regarded as a good thing when it comes to foods. It’s super sweet, great on toast and in tea (what more could you ask!) and, if you buy locally, it has a small carbon footprint and could even be regarded as helping the environment – where there is honey there will be a lot of busy bees! 518 more words

Bee Keeping