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One of the most fascinating aspects of my work on bees is that I have become much more aware of the kinds of bees and other insects that appear in my garden. 127 more words

Daily Process

The Queens have been released

This picture is of a couple of the students checking the queen cage for a  healthy queen and preparing for their first hands on experience installing a package of bees into the hive. 1,028 more words

Farmer and Rancher Disaster Assistance Program Sign-Ups Announced

As of Tuesday, April 15, 2014, farmers and ranchers may sign-up for disaster assistance programs that received funding under the 2014 Farm Bill.

The following disaster assistance programs are taking sign-ups: 321 more words

Beginning Farmer

Swarm on the range!

Ranch foreman gets lucky!

Mike (Ranch Foreman) has put his time in driving around and assisting folks in taking care of and capturing swarms. In fact he has driven around all over the Bay Area in this effort. 73 more words


What the Buzz?!?

When most people see a bee, they totally freak. They’re seen as annoying, mean, or insignificant. The iconic black and yellow stripes usually tend to incite fear and annoyance. 252 more words

Long Live The Queen (well ok, she died anyway)

Last weekend was busy, but quite rewarding.  Friday began with a three hour trip to pick up nine packages of bees.  I think the gods of sugar (honeys competition) were out to get us.  1,244 more words

Hotel High Rise And Mason Bees

I went out for coffee on Sunday with my family again, and while we were visiting my aunt mentioned that her colony no longer had any activity to it. 611 more words