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The Humble Bumble and Other Bees

I’ve always loved bumble bees. There’s something very soothing about the way they go about their business, those fuzzy balls of fluff humming and flitting from one flower to another in search of nectar. 405 more words

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Interesting informational video on Monsanto

This video gives a version of Monsanto’s past and current operations. It especially highlights the most controversial chemical products created by Monsanto (think Agent Orange). Really one large question on my mind was ‘Why do we allow so many synthetic chemical compounds to be used so extensively before we are truly certain of their effects?’ 1,287 more words

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The view from the dark side...

BBC's Hive Alive gives a close look at the life and activities of honeybees

Ever wonder just what it is that a bee does all day — and all night?

Some of those questions will be answered if you watch the new two-part series from the British Broadcasting Company, … 245 more words


22 July 2014


Growing more for less cash. Click here

They still taste like the carrots they are. Click here

Goes against everything in me but here’s an article on soil solarisation. 66 more words

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A Walk in the Country

I went on a walk in the country a few weeks ago.  It’s fun to open your mind and your eyes to everything around you.  There are some things we have taken for granted for years and are just now starting to appreciate, or the lack of.   100 more words


Newfoundland: A bee haven that offers clues as global hives struggle

PARADISE, N.L. – Newfoundland’s healthy honeybees are an increasing draw for researchers in the race to understand why colonies across much of the globe are struggling or dying off. 724 more words


Baby Hummingbirds and Honeybees sharing a feeder

This morning, I watched as mostly baby Hummingbirds and Honeybees shared a feeder after it was filled. They seem to get along quite well and both need nectar right now. 51 more words

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