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Wasps begone

“How long do bees live?” Ruth asked me at work. It’s a good question. I replied, “Six weeks in summer and around five months in winter, while queens can live for two or three years.” 663 more words


Taking Care Of Our Honeybees

Autumn is one of the busiest times of year for the beekeeper at Rogue Farms.

There’s no more wild sources of nectar and pollen for our honeybees to forage and soon it will be too cold for them to leave the hive.  431 more words

Rogue Farms Independence

A Bump of Direction

This year’s Nobel prize for Medicine was awarded to a three-man team who made the interesting discovery that rats have what they call a built-in GPS. 706 more words


Reflections on natural growing in the company of bees

I find it difficult to come to terms with the extent and rate at which we are devastating life on our earth. WWF’s living planet report… 1,042 more words

Bee Love

Worth Looking At, A Found Poem by Sonja Johanson

Laughing –
she opened her mouth.
The sun,
a tousled stand of yellow
in oratorical motion.

The first clear night after
the storm
presaged a kind of change. 95 more words

Take care to protect bees this fall

From University of Kentucky AgNews

by Aimee Nielson

National attention has focused on the decline of honeybees, but native bumblebee populations are also struggling. Diseases, pesticides, and habitat loss or fragmentation are all plaguing bee populations. 522 more words


New England Aster Providing Bees with Late Season Nectar & Pollen

At a time of year when nectar and pollen sources are few and far between, New England Aster provides many species of bees with food. This composite seems designed specifically for easy pollination. 185 more words