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late August update, photos

The summer’s growth has crested into harvest. We’ve been trying to keep up. Here’s a bit of what’s happening.This was a great year for garlic; our new flower beds are showy as all get out; spending late nights processing junky, split and buggy tomatoes; our kale grex is ready to get out into the field. 339 more words

Farm Update

Colony must have 4,000 bees before it makes drone cells, researchers say

Colonies of honeybees must grow to have 4,000 bees before they begin to produce drone cells, according to research recently published by a team of scientists at Cornell University. 185 more words


The bees of Eden

This August I cycled across the Devon countryside and into Cornwall to visit the Eden Project. I’d been meaning to visit for years and despite the challenging psychological battle with the hills, I’m very glad I did. 767 more words

Bee Love

Late Summer

27 Aug 14
The goldenrod sways in the late August breeze like a metronome. The wind rustled leaves sound like moving water. Elvis eats some tall grass by the patio’s ceramic planter while Ava roams the backyard, her grizzled nose reading the wind like a story. 24 more words

Tincture - attempt #1.

Last month, the New Moon was in Cancer, and so it seemed like a veryfine time to give my first go at making a tincture. 99 more words

Metta Kitty Farm

Purple Sage and Honeybees

The summer monsoon started on schedule the first week of July, and it’s been a pretty good monsoon this year. The NWS has my neighborhood marked at 4.88″ of rain over the last two months, and although it’s slowing down some, there may be a couple more storms before it’s finished. 254 more words