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The Hive That Couldn't

I checked my aunts bees on Friday, and they hardly weigh anything. I don’t know what the issue was, because there were capped worker cells in the top box, and they had plenty of time and resources to expand properly. 253 more words


September is National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month.

For beekeepers, of course, every month is a time when we think about bees and what they produce, but this may give us a chance to bring a few more folks in on our thinking. 182 more words


Excerpt from "The Bien," by Michael Thiele

The eyes of bees are quite different from our own eyes. Due to their particular makeup, bees are unable to focus or zoom in on objects in the outside environment. 1,383 more words

Bee bacteria could be substitute for antibiotics

Scientists are Lund University in Sweden are finding that 13 lactic acid bacteria found in raw honey are possibly powerful agents in combatting infections, particularly those infections that have grown resistant to commonly used antibiotics. 150 more words


What do bee's brush their hair with? ... A honeycomb!

Eating honey is a questionable debate between vegans, does honey count as an animal product or does it not as bee’s are not ‘animals’??

If going along with the vegan society then NO honey is NOT vegan, however why do the vegan population continue to debate this matter and why is it such a hot topic? 300 more words

EarthJustice.org: Going to court on behalf of the bees

A big part of the battle to save bees and improve the environment for all of us is taking place, not in the fields and around the hives, but in the nation’s courtrooms. 273 more words