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impressions: Ao Haru Ride & Barakamon

I’ve finally gotten some perfect amount of episodes to give my impressions on. I had to push aside some titles however but only because I have yet to watch them. 1,118 more words


Ao Haru Ride OP


The world has fallen in love


An arrow of light pierces my heart


I just want to understand you

「ねぇ 教えて」

So hey, tell me already… 433 more words

Summer 2014

Ao Haru Ride: Episode 02

Episode 2: Page 2

It’s funny how it’s only the second episode but Ao Haru Ride is already making me smile at absolutely everything that happens on screen. 937 more words


HoneyWorks - Diagnosis: Lovesickness

Diagnosis: Lovesickness / 病名愛ワズレイ / Byoumei Aiwazurei (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22474644)
Composition : shito
Lyrics : shito, Gom
Arrangement : HoneyWorks
Guitar : kaizoku-ou
Bass : shito… 288 more words

Karaoke Videos

HoneyWorks Friday's "Good Morning" Couple Drawing / Free! Haruka Nanase Drawing / Kagamine Len Drawing

Last night, I drew the couple from HoneyWorks new song called 金曜日のおはよう:

It’s a cute song. (*´・v・)

Today I drew Haruka Nanase from Free!:

I also drew Kagamine Len: 28 more words

スキキライ (Suki Kirai / Like, Dislike) - Kagamine Rin ~ Len




Song title
Romaji: Suki Kirai
English: Like, Dislike

Kagamine Rin act2 and Kagamine Len Power Append

HoneyWorks: Gom (music, arrangement, lyrics)
HoneyWorks: Yamako (illustration) 328 more words