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Taiwanese Showed Support to Hong Kong's Occupy Central Movement

5 October 2014
Pei-Hua Yu

Hong Kong – Around ten thousand people rallied in Taipei on Wednesday in solidarity with Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement. “Today’s Hong Kong, Today’s Taiwan” was one of the slogans shouted at the rally. 696 more words


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October has been a very active month for us, a month where we have grown in number, in cities and engagement.

News, news, news!

We welcome this November two new cities to our network of trading groups: … 185 more words

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Hong Kong: a very special city

There are places in this world that just take your breath away, time seems to stop and you realise you are standing in a very special place. 573 more words


‘HK không thể tự quyết định chính trị’

(BBC) – Đại diện của chính quyền Hong Kong tham gia đàm phán với sinh viên đã khẳng định rằng Hong Kong ‘không thể tự mình quyết định tiến trình chính trị’ vì lãnh thổ này là một đặc khu hành chính của Trung Quốc. 4,248 more words

Punk Ass

All Video Footage for all Sunset Music videos was done using the GoPro Hero3.

Thanks especially to WWE guys, the little crab guys about to square off, Craig Barube and whomever he is fighting in that segment, the Top Gun pilots, those kids jumping on that cool which is a cool concept BTW, and of the world and all of your expertise doing what you do here in this video, and thanks to any participants who please, if you want to be credited in any way, contact us now at artistdevelopment@sunsetrecordings.com. 267 more words

Don Lichterman

Hong Kong's Protesters Feel Betrayed by Their Own Government

Hong Kong and China are “one country” with “two systems.” Yet these days, pro-democracy protesters say, the emphasis is patently on “one country.”

Just shy of one month into the protests paralyzing key traffic arteries in Hong Kong, democracy supporters here are outraged over what they say is the local government’s failure to meet even low expectations for interceding on their behalf to Beijing. 1,179 more words

Dancing Through Life.

The Travelling Pixie learning how to Dance Through Life.

My Inspiration: Valerie Lui

Dance has always and will always be one of my favourite things to do.   770 more words

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