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The North Cape Experience

There are many ways to experience the Arctic. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Expedition way. A great experience, but not for everyone. 1,301 more words


North of the North Cape

The North Cape is one of those places that is on most traveller’s bucket lists. Known as the northernmost point of Europe, situated at 71°10´21˝N, some even claim it is closer to the North Pole than it is to Oslo. 1,430 more words


Beach Day 71 Degrees North

We may have snow, but we can still have a beach day… just without the swimsuits and sunscreen.


Whispering Reflections

I admit it.  I’m a reflections nerd.  I can’t help but take photos of nature’s impressionist paintings.  And this time of year with our fantastic March blues, the reflections are magical.


A Perfect Day

Just a few images to let you know why I love where we live.


Honningsvåg - Olderfjord

Etappen fra Honningsvåg til Olderfjord har vært en liten smakebit av hva vi har i vente. Utfordringer og fantastiske opplevelser har kommet om en annen, på rekke og rad. 300 more words

Eight hours of daylight!

When the sun comes back on January 22, putting an end to the polar nights, it doesn’t waste anytime brightening our days.  Now, just 30 days later we have 8 hours of daylight!   16 more words