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Jamila Bibi , I am sorry you had to leave Canada (on deportation, honor killings and human rights)

This is not the story of a helpless woman who fled from her country, Pakistan, because of accusations of adultery and attempts on her life. It’s not about how 65-year-old Jamila Bibi could not put her trust in the legal system in Pakistan. 762 more words

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Take Back Islam: "Honor" Killing is Murder Part II

Written by Theresa Corbin

In my previous post I wrote about how ridiculous is it to claim that “honor” killings are Islamic (Part I here… 977 more words

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Take Back Islam: "Honor" Killing is Murder Part I

 Treat women well and be kind to them

-Muhammad’s last advice to his nation

Written by Theresa Corbin

As I became an adult, I started to see that porn, strip clubs and hook-ups are the norm for most men.

1,562 more words
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Not So Honorable: Documentary on Lewisville Sisters Death Premieres in Dallas

DALLAS- It’s a tragic story you might remember: Two young girls killed at the hand of their own father. To this day, he remains on the run. 211 more words


Muslims are coming ...

to your community soon. Welcome them! They’re part of the CHANGE. They bring with them a wonderful set of values: love of family, honesty, tolerance, and discipline. 14 more words

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What it's like to be gay in an Indian family - a perspective

By Amiran Kel Punj

During a heart to heart with one of my younger transatlantic cousins this weekend, we spoke about me being gay. “ 1,163 more words



These are busy times for the blood-soaked madmen who serve as agents for the group of homophobic and misogynistic religious fanatics called I.S.L.A.M. (Intolerant Savages Loathing All Modernity) … 297 more words