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Why I like Religion

I like Religion because religion is something that gives me a identity, it is something that gives identity to my country, at least some of my fellow religion mates think that India should be Hindustan, a land of Hindus. 688 more words

Random Thoughts

Embroidery for empowerment: A Q&A with Khalida Brohi that reveals much more of her incredible story

Khalida Brohi grew up traveling between two very different parts of Pakistan: the bustling city of Karachi, where her parents moved so that she and her sisters could go to school, and a small village in Balochistan, where her family has its roots. 1,033 more words


A Simple Pair Of Questions For Ben Affleck

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to the video of Ben Affleck upset about Bill Maher’s criticism of Islam, and characterization of things like the overwhelming support of Egyptians for punishing apostates as a general problem with the religion (or it’s culture) rather than isolated to a few individuals. 248 more words


By Iraqi artist Hayv Kahraman

Her works represent the issues that plague her home country, Iraq.


Love Commandos, India: Fighting Crimes against Love.

I once introduced the quirky group of photographers hidden under the name Riverboom, writing about their original gaze at Afghanistan. I loved their work then and love it now, and if there’s even been a project that represents them and their mission – it’s the… 510 more words

Art Of Resistance

Jamila Bibi , I am sorry you had to leave Canada (on deportation, honor killings and human rights)

This is not the story of a helpless woman who fled from her country, Pakistan, because of accusations of adultery and attempts on her life. It’s not about how 65-year-old Jamila Bibi could not put her trust in the legal system in Pakistan. 762 more words

Life & Its Quirks

Take Back Islam: "Honor" Killing is Murder Part II

Written by Theresa Corbin

In my previous post I wrote about how ridiculous is it to claim that “honor” killings are Islamic (Part I here… 977 more words

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