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Family & God's Plan - 1 Kings 1-2

Children who aren’t disciplined cause problems for their parents.

1:6-35 You can make all the plans you want..if it’s not in line with God’s plan, it won’t happen. 101 more words

Through tension into transformation

It’s been strange and difficult. In recent months my motto’s have changed, my soul has begun shedding back to rawness, and it has been anything but easy. 971 more words

The Holiest of Days; I Remind Each Of Us

We are now in a time of remembrance of the One who was born for us and died for us so that we can be with God. 701 more words


By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 18, 2014

Common Core is no school curriculum but a national emergency.

Obama has tricked in his Saul Alinsky way, at least… 1,170 more words



By Raquel Reyes-Lopez

I whisk winter with sapphire hues.
Wolves howl under obsidian skies.
I reach gently for my cookie cutters.
Tonight I bake for those who died.


Honoring Loved Ones

A couple weeks ago,  my family received some incredibly shocking news. My 68 year old grandmother, who has ate healthy, stayed active, and never smoked, has been battling breast cancer, alone, for a little over half a year. 246 more words

Cabal Gladiator Update - Honor changes

The following table shows the honor required for each rank before the update and after the update. You can seen how much honor you get per 100 wexp and how many exchanges are necessary. 54 more words