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5 Reasons Why I Love the Season of Singleness

Disclaimer: The author uses the term “singleness” to refer to a season in her (or any woman’s) life. She is neither trying to tell that marriage is not good or whatever, nor saying that she is looking forward to being single for the rest of her life. 1,626 more words


6 Reasons Why the "Mavic" I Know Deserves This Article

Her real name is Marivic Quero. Her nickname: Mavic. But nearly everyone calls her lovingly as “Mavs.” Yes, today is her birthday and that could be a reason why a writing piece found its way into the blogosphere. 644 more words


Don't Be Reluctant

In studying  of Jonah, we will find Jonah was very reluctant to do what God told him to do.

This is a story about another man who was reluctant to do what a man of God told him.  566 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

Honoring Veterans at Home

Honoring Veterans at Home Parents are faced with all kinds of complex tasks that go above and beyond providing for the material needs of their family. 141 more words

Reflective Moment 'Wise Choices'

The best choice we can make is choose to follow Him

Luke 9 verse 23: Then He said to them all , ‘If anyone wants to come with Me, he {or she} must deny himself {or herself}, take up his {or her} cross daily, and follow Me”. 152 more words


New Moon's Eve

Ritual and ceremony accompany every cultural tradition and religious practice I have ever encountered. Practices ranging from a national holiday (thanksgiving) to a month long fast (Ramadan). 873 more words

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr {MLK Day 2015}

6 principles I live by because of Dr. King!!! Perhaps you can resonate with one or two…