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mouths of babes

A freshman doing homework after school called to me before I reached the doors to the parking lot.

“I finished reading a book and I decided I want to do a journal entry on it it. 303 more words

Democratic Classrooms

My Secret Life As A Helicopter Mom

According to Urban Dictionary, a helicopter mom is “a hovering & controlling, but well-meaning, parent who gets way too involved in her child’s life to the point of doing things that are completely inappropriate, such as personally attending all of little Sweetiepie’s extracurricular activities, writing medium-sized Sweetiepie’s school application essays, and submitting full-grown Sweetiepie’s job applications.” 777 more words


The Freshman of the Opera

Sometimes I like to think of my life as an opera.

I’ve never actually seen an opera, unless you count the movie The Phantom of the Opera… 516 more words