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You find honour in #honourkilling? "Think Again"

There is no such thing as honour killing,  its premeditated murder.Honour killings, or a better description would be “honour murders” are a phenomenon  confined to some Indian families. 401 more words

BBC News - India: Parents held for 'honour killing' of Delhi woman

Thursday, 20 November 2014. Police in the Indian capital, Delhi, have arrested the parents of a woman who they say was killed for marrying a man against her family’s wishes. 386 more words


Dad Sentenced to Death In Pakistan for ‘Honor Killing’ of Daughter

Four Pakistani men were sentenced to death Wednesday for the murder of Farzana Parveen, a pregnant woman ostracized by her family for marrying without their approval. 179 more words


Delhi Girl ‘Bhawna’ Strangled Under Honour Killing | Metro Journalist

Delhi Girl ‘Bhawna’ Strangled Under Honour Killing | Metro Journalist.

If an innocent is killed for honour, should it be granted? Jagmohan and Savitri Yadav strangled their daughter, Bhawna, to preserve their honour and prestige. 

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Parents in Delhi kill and burn their daughter for marrying the man she loved

19 November 2014, New Delhi

21-year-old Bhavna Yadav, a student at the Delhi University, had married a man she loved, against her parents wishes. Angered her parents strangled her to death, and later planned and burnt her body to destroy evidence. 34 more words

Winning the Battle Against Honour Killings

Prevalent continuously not only in the Middle East, but internationally, ‘Honour’ Killings are the most ironic and destructive tools of oppression against the woman. Contrastingly to the perpetrators’ obsession with restoring the honour of their group that has been lost through the woman’s actions, the group or persons involved threaten the honour of their in-group by committing such atrocities. 61 more words


Life of a Lotus

Life of a Lotus is available for free download from 8 to 10 Nov 2014 on Amazon Kindle.

A love story set in a South Asian country in the backdrop of: Governor of a province is murdered; daughter of a political family is murdered; hundreds of soldier’s are buried in an avalanche; and our protagonists are caught in between.

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