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Varrio Mesa Locos

The Varrio Mesa Locos (VMLS), also known as Varrio Mesa Locos 13 (VMLS13) or simply Mesa Locos (MLS) are primarily an Mexican-American street gang located in the  719 more words


Post-Ragnarok Post and Historical Hoods

So, the Ragnarok 2014 photographers are getting their pictures uploaded to facebook which creates a month of a whole new celebration Rodya (also going by Rodeo) has called “Tagnarok” in which we all pour through albums of 200+ photos and tagging ourselves and our group members. 925 more words

Varrio Posole Locos

The Varrio Posole Locos (VPLS), also known as Varrio Posole Locos 13 (VPLS) is an Mexican-American criminal street gang, located in the Eastside neighborhood of… 252 more words


Deep Valley Bloods

The Deep Valley Bloods (DVB), also known as the West Side Deep Valley Bloods (WSDVB), is a criminal street gang mostly composed of Samoan-Americans, with a few African-American, located in the… 931 more words


The Arts Theatre plays host to a new musical - Hoods!

The Arts Theatre, Soho.
July 4th, 2014
A musical workshop of a musical in development.

Friday July 4th saw the workshop staging of a musical called ‘Hoods’. 374 more words


Dress the Iconics -- Enora

Thank you Paizo! For lobbing a nice, slow pitch right over home plate.  The new iconic is a caster, wearing the classic hooded robe (so much easier to dress than those peskie heave armor wearers):   280 more words


Azusa 13

The Azusa 13 (A13) also known as Varrio Azusa 13, is an Mexican-American street gang, located in Azusa, California. Which is apart of the… 517 more words