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Repeat Offender

The last couple weeks have been a blur.  A busy, hectic, stressful blur.  On top of a non-stop work schedule I was also struggling to get myself organized and packed. 2,489 more words

Tinder Loving Care

I had my first ever Tinder encounter and needless to say it was an adventure.

So yesterday I was picked up by Tinder guy to embark on hopefully an entertaining night, my assumptions were met and it was indeed entertaining. 368 more words

Should You Hook Up With Your Friend's Ex?

Whether or not to hook up with a friends ex girlfriend is a difficult situation. Thankfully, The Roundabout Crew have stepped up to explain the dos and don’t of this minefield of emotions. 17 more words

Dude Stuff


It was a normal Monday evening for me. I was making my way to the bank to deposit into the mother’s account the sum of fifty thousand naira I had carefully concealed in my wallet and carried around all day, the same money that had made me give a wide berth to anyone who mistakenly came a tad too close for comfort. 1,077 more words

About Us

The Dark

I guess their life is what they choose.
It’s not for me to judge.
My heart feels weary when I see it,
But that’s for me, not you. 139 more words


TINDER: 2 Dates. 1 Week.

Remember when I said that I was “23 and had only been on 1 date”… Well that’s changed in the last week. I am now “23 and I have been on 3 dates” My secret?! 1,068 more words



I went to a party hosted by my friend J****. It had a kind of bad-a$$ premise… J**** was house-sitting for her next door neighbors and she took advantage of the fact that she had a whole house to herself and she had a party. 577 more words