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#133 Books and covers

I got home after that whirlwind shopping experience with funny feelings. One part of me admired the way Hameeda and Haseena got dressed up, the confidence they had and how they made real effort to get what they wanted. 947 more words

I want him and I want him now.

Mild Freak Out about liking guy 25 so much, again:

I don’t know how to feel.

Guy 25. Fuck. I think I have it figured out and then when I leave it’s like the rest of my life which I was perfectly content with before seeing him has lost it’s colour. 307 more words

Personal Experience Of Dating


What I love about “hooking up” with someone for the first time is that you never know what is going to happen. It could be horrible, it could be amazing, he could make you want to give up going to school and become his sex slave. 466 more words


The Pitfalls


‘Many a times in life we come across people who when they leave throw everything that you make of life into not only in complete shambles but also take a part of you forever.

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Will You Hook Up At Your Holiday Work Party?

The people at Cosmopolitan have this handy dandy guide to tell if you should go for the gold, or just stay home. @KobeOnTheRadio

Will you hook up at your holiday party?

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Some Attitude Adjustment with Davy Wotton

Insta hook up

Some 20 years or more ago l wrote a article for a UK magazine, Fly Fishing and Fly Tying regarding how weight addition would alter the attitude of a fly.

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