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1, 2, Barbecue

I regret to inform you that this post isn’t about cornbread, ribs, or coleslaw.

At the start of my freshman year, I was lucky enough to find an awesome group of guy friends. 802 more words

What's wrong with me?

Hey guys:)

These past two weeks have been pretty stressful and eventful. I had been planning our homnecoming dance(which was on the 19th, last friday). I fucking hate being in Student Council, I want to quit. 335 more words

Women HATE Indecisiveness.....STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!!!

I can’t believe men still don’t understand this concept. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who I calmly talked off the ledge (NOT LITERALLY) because the girl he met last week hasn’t picked a date and time to go out yet. 120 more words

Coping with IWWWMMHM, or 'I want what will make me hate myself'

There has long been the belief that people want what they can’t have. I heard on NPR the other day that this essentially does not differ for women and men, but the object of their basic desires are actually different. 980 more words


"Love" In The Time Of College

Growing up, I was surrounded by romantic comedies, dramatic Spanish romance soap operas, and books that told stories about “love.” My expectations were high because of them. 758 more words

Why Hooking Up Is Like Fast Food

I’ve never had an orgasm during any casual hookup (sorry). Part of it is unconscious and part of it’s a conscious self defense mechanism. Biologically, women have oxytocin flooding their brains during sex and even more during an orgasm to encourage pair-bonding. 1,083 more words

Are You Doing This? We Need To Talk To You!!

Next time your wife mentions how it’s SO nice of John next door to bring over tomatoes from his garden . . . start checking real estate listings, ’cause it’s time to get the hell out of the neighborhood. 166 more words