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Making "College" Mistakes

I made my first real college mistake yesterday and I will say this, everyone makes mistakes especially in college. And you can say that your life is perfect and all but behind the scenes you’re really dealing with a lot. 205 more words

Top 5 things you need for a good FWB

Is it an urban legend? Are people out there on college campuses really having the coveted friends with benefits relationship? Are people managing to bypass all the drama and have someone they can count on to have sex with practically anytime they want? 591 more words

Hooking Up

The First Time I Learned about the Suckside of Hookup Culture and Why it isn't for Me (WARNING: some graphic details)

The first time I really learned about hookup culture was last year actually. Yes, during the beginning of the second year of my undergraduate career. It was not like during freshman year, I was not aware of it, but its more like I was naive to the fact that it might happen to me. 1,581 more words

About Life And Other Things


While the victims of sexual assault are most often women, both perpetrators and victims can be of any gender or sexual orientation. This post is about my experience as a heterosexual, cisgender woman. 680 more words

Pacific Northwest

Poor Pores

Bare chest
A scar across his abdomen
My hand across his abdomen
Grasping his chest.

Sick in bed and
All I can think about are… 142 more words

The Thirst Is Real

I think it’s clear that I love attention. Not in a psychotic nobody else can speak or shine kind of way, but in a wanting everybody to like me/talk to me all the time kind of way. 391 more words