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Poor Pores

Bare chest
A scar across his abdomen
My hand across his abdomen
Grasping his chest.

Sick in bed and
All I can think about are… 142 more words

The Thirst Is Real

I think it’s clear that I love attention. Not in a psychotic nobody else can speak or shine kind of way, but in a wanting everybody to like me/talk to me all the time kind of way. 391 more words


When You Lose Your Virginity To A One Night Stand

Girls look for a one night stand for many reasons. I know that in the past I’ve gone looking for the D after break-ups, after meeting a guy I think is hot and not managing to fuck him, after I haven’t had sex in far too long (my vibrator just doesn’t come close to a hot, hard, real penis). 782 more words

Day 59: "...some parts are black spots"

With my head in the clouds because I booked my ticket to Hawaii in December.
This day was all about that and nothing else. I could write about the making out session on Waikiki beach last time I was on Hawaii, but some parts are black spots so I’m not sure how to fill those. 56 more words


Fate "Friends"

Welcome to my new category – Gossiper!

Inspired by the television series Gossip Girl, I’m going to be writing blog posts on my friends (names will be changed though) & their young, wild & carefree moments… 436 more words


Standards: Beer Goggles

Ever heard the term: I went to bed at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2? Let’s face it, it happens. 740 more words

Hooking Up