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Days Like These

Red light, and I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll is blasting on my radio. Naturally my head is swaying from side to side as I shout out “ 524 more words

Single Mom

Is That a Yes or a No?

Ladies, you may have heard about the new “Yes Means Yes” (YMY) law passed in California. If not, in short it says that on all state-funded college campuses in CA, any “sexual activity” has to be proceeded by a clear  “Yes” or it would be considered “sexual assault.” 796 more words

Red Pill

Tinder Is One Of The More Tedious Dating Apps On The Market

I’ve only been on Tinder for two weeks and I’m already disenchanted. While initially it held promise as the hot new app on the block in the online dating world, in my opinion, … 840 more words

Back To The Online Dating Chapters

This post is a little bit of a bitch fest but I will try to keep it as short as possible so you’re not all like told ya so. 490 more words

Everyday Life

Getting My Grind On: Why It's Difficult For Gay Men To Be Promiscuous

Three weeks ago I did something I swore I’d never do: I got Grindr. For those of you unfamiliar with the hook up app, Grindr uses GPS technology to instantly connect you with guys in your area. 874 more words

Online Dating is not That Bad?

This is what I have to say for myself:

It’s raining cats and dogs.

My classroom is totally flooded. Got off work late.

J lost her cat, panicked, then found it. 55 more words


Online Dating is Fucking Depressing - Part 2: Having a Kid Together will be Inevitable

I’m not even going to embelish this. This is a direct quote from my chat with hot shirtless guy doing shots and eating M&Ms in his profile pic. 248 more words

Single Mom