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nine online guidelines

“Trying to date online like a feminist has sent my interests into other directions. I’ve tried to examine the economics of this way of meeting, the way self-esteem and body issues can come into play when making a profile, and the way pornographic fantasy can affect the process of meeting the real person behind the profile.” 2,686 more words
Feminist Theory Of Dating

Date from hell: Maybe blessing in disguise??

Yesterday my friend and I went on the date with those Libyan guys I told you about, the ones we met a club: that should have been the first warning sign. 368 more words

So You Want To Fuck Your Coworker...

After graduation, a realization sets in that the times of shamelessly bringing home men are over, and the times of dressing up (read: putting on pants) to meet men of questionable age and job status at the bar have begun. 499 more words


The Rules of College

Within the first few days as a freshman in college I have learned all the ins and outs of what college is all about. It’s sad to say that I have witnessed some terrible things: girls having sex on the first day, people getting completely wasted before their 8 am class the next day and so on. 269 more words

Matty and the DTR

So I haven’t posted about Matty yet.

He’s a really nice guy I met on what my friend from the City and I call (in an obnoxious British accent) “The Tinder.” 500 more words

Cinderella… Well Sorta


So in a few weeks I get to travel to The City again! I’m so excited, not only because I get to go back to my favorite place, but because of what I’ll be doing! 279 more words

Is 11 days too much?

I’m winding down my 11 day stint in the pines and it’s much different than last year. Much better I might add.

Last year I was an over weight Jew that nobody looked at. 386 more words