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Spider Web the Second

Once I completed the base stringers of the web, it was time to start the outward spiral. As you progress through the photos, you can see the passage of time in the light & shadows. 313 more words


'Tis my season... starting Spiderweb

A few years ago now, I made a large spiderweb for a friend of mine. It involved white acrylic yarn, a crochet hook & a few hours of chaining. 74 more words


How Characters Can Save Your #Writing (Part 1)

Ever had negative feedback on your work? Ever wondered why people didn’t seem to find it as exciting as you did? Ever wonder why you had to work so hard at getting the words out? 191 more words


Two Things You Should Know Before Starting to Write Your Book

In today’s culture, books like Moby Dick no longer hit the best-seller list. While books back then were designed to be full-blown affairs – your dictionary, geography volume, whale-biology kit, and whaling guide in one – these days books are normally bought for one reason: entertainment. 114 more words



WOW I have a lot of negative thoughts and judgements. . . . Oh my goodness .. I could think what this means but then I am analysing and not being in the present… doing my blog. 444 more words

Hookin' Is My Hobby

So, about 2 years ago or so I decided to teach myself to crochet.  I actually had tried teaching myself to knit before that, but knitting really hurts my neck, so I later thought maybe crochet would be a better fit for me.   166 more words

Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart

Best in Hoodie Vest Crochet Pattern | Red Heart.

I finally made this! In fact, I made TWO of them! One in purple Lion Brand Cotton, another in mustard, which sounds bad but actually came out pretty good. 167 more words