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Attack of the Worms

It’ll eat you from the inside-out.

My parents have a dog named “Zelda”. She is the whiniest little border collie and shepherd mix, she perfectly encapsulates all the neuroses of both breeds. 2,892 more words


Anemia causing parasite may also cause iron deficiency in children

Yesterday, you learned about how roundworm can infect both people and pets. Today, you will learn about another parasite that can be a real problem for children and pets. 284 more words


Meet the Hookworm

Recently, the genome of the American hookworm, Necator americanus was completed (read more here). In celebration of this achievement, the American hookworm is our cool animal of the week. 171 more words

Curiosities Of Nature

Gut Instinct: Hookworms as an anthelmintic treatment

A recent show on BBC4 entitled Infested! Living with parasites briefy discussed some of the benefits of parasitic infection, interviewing a man that suffered from Crohn’s who had been treating his symptons with a hookworm infestation. 218 more words