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Best Hoopers: Deanne Love of Hooplovers

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk the past week. It’s taken all my energy to look at the anger that kept arising within me, I’m definitely resisting something but I couldn’t put my finger on it and I knew something was up when I just couldn’t dance or pick up my hoop. 168 more words

Best Hoopers

Katiepillar Performance Art is Now Offering Online, Skype, Hoop Dance Lessons

Katiepillar, 24 year old, hooping extraordinaire, is excited to announce that she will be now offering online hula hoop dance classes through Skype. For those with a hectic schedule, this is the perfect alternative to in-person lessons, as it allows you to learn in the comfort of your own time, at your own schedule. 194 more words

There's no going back: San Diego

After a 12 hour drive (yes, I kid you not) I made it to Oceanside, California to post up for the night. My arrangements were to stay in Oceanside with my couchsurfing host Michael but learning that my friend and mentor Sarah Jordan, of… 390 more words

Dancing On The Red Rocks

Well, I’m back from my Arizona adventure, which seems to be turning into an annual pilgrimage to Sedona. My husband put it best when he said last September, you know you’ll never not go to Sedona! 154 more words


Heading West...

I left Georgia October 1st to head West to California.  I’ve made it since but during the 30+ hours of driving I had to makes a few stops, landing me in Shreveport, Dallas, and El Paso. 500 more words

Solo Hoop Dance Performances at the Festival

Here are all of our solo hoop dance performances from St. Cloud’s annual Pride In The Park festival 2014. We had a great time practicing and preparing for this performance and had tons of fun being a part of a great community event. 20 more words


Marseille's First Annual World Hoop Day!

{In English Below the French Translation}

Le jour J est arrivé, la première journée mondiale du cerceau (WHD) à Marseille !!! En m’entraînant au Pharo, je fut interrompue par un passant qui me demanda ce que je faisait. 1,005 more words