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Juice Box Theory 4.15.14

KRFH Radio presents Juice Box Theory @ the Humboldt State University Campus on April 15, 2014. To view the full album, click here.


Beautiful Things

I’m enjoying my first day of paid winter vacation ever! It’s only three days in total, but that’s better than nothing. The days off combined to being surrounded by such beautiful things and great people, life couldn’t be more perfect just now. 174 more words


Throwback Thursday

Almost three years ago. So much has changed, but hooping always remains a constant.

Hoop Dance

Hottie Hoop Camp

She holds up an oversized t shirt, box-shaped and serviceable.  “This,” she says flatly,  “was made for a man’s body.  How can something like this- 640 more words


The Mysterious McDonald's Hooper

I was sitting on my friend’s couch and he had CNN on the television in the corner of the room.  Something caught my eye and I yelled “HOOPER!”  Yup, there was somebody spinning three metallic hoops for McDonald’s, the wonderful company with delicious food that has been poisoning the arteries of our nation for decades.   221 more words


3/20/14: Time is flying.

After posting that date up top I realize time is truly flying. My 20th birthday is less than three weeks away! It seems crazy that I’m going to really be 20, I remember so long ago when I was 13 thinking how crazy it would be to be 20…and here I am… 365 more words

Tutorial Tuesday

Short attention span style!

I have a crap ton of stuff to do today, so in a quick search of new tutorials posted by hoopers out there, I found this short and sweet one minute tutorial, and you get to say “booty” when you talk about it.   53 more words