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2015, it begins...

The blog is left a little wanting I have to say but my life is not. I kissed 2014 farewell and entered 2015 as my own master, with nobody to roll their eyes at my new hobbies or to judge my spending money on them and as such I have found myself more and more dedicated to the things I have taken up and have allowed those hobbies to become true passions. 250 more words


Swinging a Hoop

Throwback Song Thursday. I love to practice patterns and circles.


Healing with Hoops

This was my first real flow after being hospitalized for the 3rd time. About a month had passed before I had the strength to pick up my circle meditation.


Mind>Body>Soul> Hooping for Holistic Health.

Hey everyone! I’m Odessa, cofounder of HoopCoop with the amazing Cat, and this is my first post! To begin my blogging adventure I wanted to share how my… 637 more words


i finally had my first hooping class yesterday. needless to say, this circular, magical thing gave me the most intense connection i’ve ever experienced with the hoop, with other people and with myself. 264 more words


In My Element

My moods are pretty hard to keep track of, but there are a few things that make me ludicrously happy. Hula hooping is definitely the main one. 214 more words


today I got my first big girl hoop in the mail! after being a little confused as to why I’d received two minis instead of the 40″ hoop I’d ordered, I realized it was folded in half. 148 more words

Body Positive