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Best Hoopers: Deanne Love of Hooplovers

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk the past week. It’s taken all my energy to look at the anger that kept arising within me, I’m definitely resisting something but I couldn’t put my finger on it and I knew something was up when I just couldn’t dance or pick up my hoop. 168 more words

Best Hoopers

Katiepillar Performance Art is Now Offering Online, Skype, Hoop Dance Lessons

Katiepillar, 24 year old, hooping extraordinaire, is excited to announce that she will be now offering online hula hoop dance classes through Skype. For those with a hectic schedule, this is the perfect alternative to in-person lessons, as it allows you to learn in the comfort of your own time, at your own schedule. 194 more words

Katiepillar's Ruby Hooping Sponsorship Video

I am so happy to announce that I have applied for the Ruby Hooping sponsorship video!!!

I am so amazed at how it turned out, with some help from, my friend, … 53 more words

To HDPE, or not HDPE? That is the Question.

There’s often discussion in the hoop world as to what is the ideal tubing type. I believe that a question for the individual hooper to answer. 439 more words

Dancing On The Red Rocks

Well, I’m back from my Arizona adventure, which seems to be turning into an annual pilgrimage to Sedona. My husband put it best when he said last September, you know you’ll never not go to Sedona! 154 more words


This is where I stand.

So, here goes with the obligatory introduction post! Lets make it clear who I am, how I work and how my family lives.

This is me: I’m a dippy hippy, I have blue hair and I’m a whirlwind. 580 more words


i want to fight crime with you

25 has been a seriously transformational year for Ms. Kupcake. I feel┬álike I’ve been (stuck) in this crazy, synchronistic, space/time continuum vortex that has totally rocked my existence. 391 more words