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Unexpected Visitor

Dr. Grayson spent the next hour educating Samuel, Anna and Blake on the serious implications of the potentially debilitating disease they now knew Blake had. The doctor’s words seemed misty and light, floating randomly around the room. 569 more words


Time Out

Taking a much needed break with my hubby.  Hope the next few weeks find spring kissing your cheeks and birdsong filling the air in a symphony of hope …. 29 more words


Taking Off the Mask

The majority of the time, life appeared to move along smoothly in the Connelly home.   The children did well in school and enjoyed a relatively positive relationship with each of their parents.  535 more words


Wasted Regret

The hard reality of life as a couple began revealing infinitesimal cracks in Anna’s confidence as a wife and woman.  Although she would never admit it to anyone, she feared Samuel’s love was growing cold and his heart indifferent.  627 more words


You Are Beautiful

Deafening silence surrounded Anna during those first weeks of being alone in the house.  It wanted to swallow her up.  She felt at loose ends regarding how to keep busy, as though there was subtle danger in being quiet for too long.  557 more words


The Many Faces of Depression


An estimated 19 million American adults are currently living with major depression. Unfortunately, only 20% of people with clinical depression get the kind of help they need (Archives of General Psychiatry). 439 more words

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