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I've Had My Share by Dennis Lange

……………..I’ve Had My Share


I’ve had my share of trouble – death and woe

(Perhaps it never came like blizzard’s snow),

But I would wake at times to find ground white: 85 more words


When Anxiety and Fear Are Too Loud to Handle

It’s my Kryptonite, fear.

Whatever happened to the childhood glee that came with being blissfully unaware of the harsh realities of life?

I glance through the news and there are planes being shot down and innocent people dying and missiles being fired and everyone vying and scraping and clamoring for the money and power that will all come to nothing. 606 more words


1st Song Of The Day: J Givens 'A B Ridge D Thoughts' (Audio)

From Las Vegas Emcee J. Givens’ previously released El v. Envy.

Reel Time:

The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do themselves.

- Abraham Lincoln

The Five: Self Sufficient

1. The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself. - Michel de Montaigne
2. In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got. 69 more words

Take Charge to Happiness

We usually blame everything around us for the crap that happens to us, we constantly complain about how we hate our jobs, school, environment, the place we live in, our surroundings, anything or everything else. 302 more words


My beloved

When the sun sets on one dream
It rises on a brand new one
Endless possibilities lie ahead
So don’t be discouraged, my beloved.

I know right now you may not see that far… 116 more words