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Loving Yourself and your soul ? #atozchallenge

I shouted at the top of my voice “I don’t deserve this, I deserve better than this. You can’t do this to me”.

No one responded, I didn’t even hear the resonance of my own voice. 846 more words


There is Still Hope

Hope can sometimes seem a bit of a wishy-washy sentiment, almost as if we’re not sure, so we have to hope.  ‘I hope it will be a sunny day’, ‘I hope you like it’, or ‘I hope we win’ – a feeling of optimism, but with a large dose of uncertainty. 527 more words


"T" Time, the Great Cosmic Punch Line

There’s no denying it. Life plays funny tricks.
Funny peculiar, and funny, ha-ha.
Only the longer you hang around,
The less ha-ha they get.

How can it be that today blends so into yesterday, 332 more words


Sayap-sayap Doa

Katanya, doa adalah sayap mungil yang mengantarkan jiwa-jiwa yang remuk hati untuk sampai pada kerinduan yang di doakannya.

Maka buatlah sayap itu tidak lagi menjadi sayap kupu-kupu yang hanya berumur dua minggu lebih sedikit. 61 more words



“Hope, such hope. Fill yourself, your life, with hope. Become bountiful and rich. Hope transcends all things, it is mightier than the sword. To hope is to believe, is to dream, is to know.

312 more words
Religion And Spirituality

Wednesday - 23/4/14

Jesus answered, “…My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from the Destroyer for good. 100 more words


Justin: Keen Minds, Kind Hearts

Day 8 of Justin’s Recovery. This is a long video, but it’s full of Justin’s true heart. He talks about the need to conquer fear, numbing, and let himself feel and express emotion. 40 more words