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Broken & Abused; Hopeless & Used

Raised in an abusive home, torn and hopeless, she’s far gone, so far gone. No hope for tomorrow, no hope for today, endless tears, the pain will not stray. 308 more words



treat yourself as someone who deserves love. embrace the part of you that is hurting, accept the part of you that is imperfect. tell that part of yourself: “I will never let you go.”

Feeling Down On Yourself

A Letter To My Lover

Dear Scorpio,

I’m intrigued by you. You caused me to love all of you. I adore your flaws and admire your strength. I love you more than you think I do, more than you’ll ever understand.

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Don't ask for I shall tell

The absolute worst part of me is the one where I give out endless chances to people hoping in every chance I give, that it’ll be better. 6 more words


when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible ­čĺô


Pick Up That Damn Phone!

… because I bloody called it!

Well after me forgetting about this WordPress blog┬ácompletely, I’ve returned to update all who care… so most likely I’ll be talking to myself, but hey! 302 more words


Very scared.

Maybe god wants me to learn something. Or maybe we just tell ourselves that to justify what we go through.

I’m texting everyone I think might text me back. 450 more words

Daily Journal