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The first day is the worst day...

I am totally fucked up. Seriously. I am a mess.

Let me tell you about that mess a little:

I am 35 years old, female, single. 330 more words


Low and angry.

This is how I feel right now.  Low and angry.  By low I mean hopeless, I can’t believe I feel like this but I do.  I never thought I would be someone who would feel like this, but I do.  278 more words



Hey guys! This is Rebekah! Christine’s supposed t blog for today but she has a lot of shi- I mean stuff (ehehe…^-^ gomen ne~ Christine~chan) to do so I decided to blog on her behalf…but don’t worry, the next Friday I SWEAR I”M GONNA DRAG HER ASS AND FORCE HER TO BLOG so…just a little patience darlings. 364 more words


The Learning Curve

This morning, I wrote in my journal.  While I was writing, I realized I was not writing what was genuinely and truthfully on my heart, but what I thought would be pleasing to God.  321 more words


Love unrequited

I was going to write a poem to explain how I feel about this particular subject, but I cant formulate the right adjectives to achieve the desired result. 430 more words


Neon King Kong

Don’t give in
This is a dangerous place
This life of ours
I could spend a day and waste those hours
I’m no fool… 298 more words


Where it all began...

I firmly believe that my obsession with beards began right back from the day I was born when my incredibly bearded Father held me for the first time. 259 more words