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how sad
that hope
is only for
the hopeless.

Day 13- The Uncertainty

I am uncertain as to what emotions I am feeling, if any at all.


not completely confident or sure of something.

Not sure if it is sadness, nostalgia, hope, understanding….I guess I am just sentimental and may be so for a little bit longer.

Trusting God in the Battle

“You have cancer.”

“You are going to lose the house.”

“Today is your last day at the job, we are letting you go.”

“I don’t love you anymore.” 956 more words

A Lesson Learned

2 Chronicles 21 - The God of Covenants

A human may be tempted to leave or quit when all hope is gone, or when the situation has become as dark as midnight. Praise be to God that He is not a human like us. 311 more words


It's one of those nothing days.

Those days where you just can’t bring yourself to do anything, even though you know you’re supposed to.  And when you try, it just feels broken and not worth the bother. 472 more words


Making mistakes.

I find it very hard to make mistakes and get over it. I hate the thought of doing wrong. It makes me feel I’m not capable or I’m hopeless. 42 more words

Education is Needed but the school system is shit

What’s the point of knowing how to simplify a rational expression and then dividing it with another equation full of variables, when you don’t even know how to pick up the broken pieces of your life? 179 more words