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Girl Wants Boy

I can’t, I just can’t do it. I had this great epiphany in New York that I didn’t want Will, that I could have something less. 139 more words

Paralyzing Grief

I’ve been running the list of what I should be doing through my head.

Getting dressed
Doing my hair
Doing online school
Exercising for my gym class… 751 more words

Ne...Me...it's all the same

There once lived a girl. Let’s call her…Ne. Ne was never one of those kids who found school a bore. She had good friends, teachers who always offered her a smile and was fairly good at her studies. 411 more words

Typical Teenage Tribulations

What if ISIS Were Your Nineveh?

I just finished studying the book of Jonah with one group of ladies… and I’m starting to study it again with another group. It’s a story I’ve been familiar with since childhood when I laughed at the thought of a whale vomiting Jonah back to shore. 621 more words


Dear Darling #Haiku


Trembling lone script tries

Surpassing understanding

Raw plea missing thee

Song inspired Haiku.  Hope you like it.  Comments welcome.


One-sided, Unrequited

I’m your long forgotten Cinderella
The Juliet who never found her Romeo
I am hiding in the shadows
That even my existence is unknown

Seen you for a thousand times already… 105 more words


What Would You Do?

If you had to choose between continuing to fight for one of your dreams even when you had exhausted all of your resources and there literally was nothing more that you could do to change your circumstances, or pursuing another dream that would take you about 5 years so that you are capable for obtaining the first one afterwards, which would you choose?   45 more words