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Hopeless night

Do you ever feel like no one cares about you?

Do you ever question why some people only come to you if they need something, but when you need them, they’re not there for you? 521 more words

Ar-Rahman, A Big Tree and A Fallen Angel

It was couple nights ago.

IT came when I was suffering so much from bone pain and constant cough, two things that prevent me getting enough rest. 1,415 more words


A Poem on Porn in My Relationship

Love Triangles`

Flush red your face

From embarrassment or fervour

Or both

Red Like the lips

Watched swollen from blowjob or botox

Or both… 37 more words


Interesting thing, hope. Hope I think is probably the biggest motivator for people to do things, dream big and accomplish goals. Even Albert Einstein thinks so. 280 more words


Hopeless World ~ short story

I wrote this one for the Toronto Star short story contest; the results were given last week and I didn’t receive a phone call, which means I was not part of the top three. 2,577 more words


Do You Know Your Enemy?

Hiding in the caves of your mind…..

Who are our enemies? In Psalm 143, David has grown weary and depressed; losing hope that God will save him from his enemies. 309 more words