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Nobody Knows...

Nobody knows…

Today was a horrific day. I spent the morning at the hospital with my dad, having his testing done. Apparently they found something and it had to get checked out. 794 more words


Quitting the Light

As we hurled ourselves into the darkness, the clouds boiling toward our advance, I do not believe that there was a single one of us who turned his head to look back. 396 more words


I Don't Matter

I feel like an asshole every time I say I don’t matter.  People keep telling them I matter to them, and I don’t want to ignore that. 375 more words

Depression and Spirituality

Depression is a tricky thing. Most days I can convince myself that I am fine and I am stronger than what my mind is trying to make me feel. 409 more words


Fuck It

Today I was supposed to have an appointment with the new case manager.  She never showed up.  I thought she was better than the old one, but apparently not. 282 more words

Fuck. This. Shit.

I’m sitting at my computer working on my current freelance project and absolutely hating life. What else is new.

I just ran out of half and half, which means I have to go to the grocery store. 386 more words