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The One Where I Cry About The Ones I Couldn't Save

Our first adopted dog, Chèr, hours before she was slated to be euthanized .

I occasionally spend
Entire mornings
Reading the PRE obituaries
For abandoned and homeless animals. 271 more words


Broken Wishes.

I am unable to express..

how much it hurts.

There are no more words.


How To Better Your Negative Situation

This is for anyone in a dark situation. We’ll call it a tunnel.

When we’re in the tunnel, we can’t always see the other side. This happens when we’re looking for work, short on money, or in an unpleasant living environment. 570 more words


A knife of lyrics

The night approaches, yet I am restless,
The draw of sleep, does not bring me closer to sweet dreams,
Instead, I am swirling and tumbling on a sea of repetition, 127 more words


Art Therapy III

A friend has a co-worker that she says is so much like me that she describes her as being my Mini-Me.  (For the record, I have not seen the movie from which that is taken.)  Well, this co-worker is the one who suggested I try drawing.  112 more words


HOPE changes Everything

The road is long and the journey is difficult.

Why do you keep going?

You keep going because you believe you’re going somewhere. And somewhere is better than here. 846 more words

My Ponderings

Prelude To Madness

Like two ungainly pigeons vying for the same crumb, the Hueys hovered for a split second unsteadily over the tall grass being violently thrashed from side to side, before touching down. 668 more words