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Hot Under The Collar


last night

you set fire

to the embryos

of your future children

the only pictures

your grandmother

had of your childhood

you burned

a million dollars… 54 more words


Don't You Ever Tame Your Demons

After spending half of lunch listening mostly silently while a group of my (white) co-workers discussed Ferguson, I finally admitted to one co-worker before leaving for the day that situations like this make me feel helpless. 245 more words



Her lips remained sealed

Like the putty on the grim  windows

By the side of her bed.

She never forgot how he wooed her,

With hard teeth and calloused fingers… 63 more words


Beam of hope

My inspiration lately has been pretty dark, and I wanted to create a picture in a dark abandoned space full of hopelessness, but ironically before I got so far my mood changed and I didn’t know if I could make a believable hopeless mood, but I had to try. 98 more words

Fine Art Photography


I’m in Miami for work.

My period came early.

I am gutted. Heartbroken. Sad.

We can never have complete healing until I hold a life baby in my hands – our baby in our hands. 47 more words


Cold Day in November

I´ve made many promises. Some of them – if not most of them – I´ve broken. Some carelessly, some with pain in my heart and regret in my mind. 920 more words


OT: Gentlemen may cry peace, peace when there is no peace

“[…]I know that all cops carry guns with triggers.”

Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Richard Armitage