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Waiting for news.

Life offers a glimmer of a high then snatches it away from under you. Opportunities dissolve into false promises.

I’ve been incredibly teary the last couple of days – I could list a million reasons why – but at least I know a massive part of it is hormonal and it will pass. 154 more words


Officially out of luck

If this next cycle doesn’t work, I’m out of luck. My only option is to go herbal and do things on my own. I can’t even get testing done. 267 more words



The child hid in the shadows.  She listened to the air, waiting.  Trying to hear the faint whispers.  Trying to understand.  To discern danger.  She walked silently, on tip-toes, in socked feet.  616 more words


Winter Solstice marks the longest evening in the Northern Hemisphere. Pagans celebrate their Yule on this day, the 21 December. The celebration speaks of the light being born in the depths of darkness and causing victory over darkness. 635 more words

The Unraveling

It’s a frail tether slowly fraying amidst the heaving tides that swell and burst, the last thread of hope dwindling away in the salty winds. Standing on the shore, watching the sky fracture and bleed… 77 more words


Free soul..

I am a writer by nature. When I was little I would staple papers together and pretend to “write my own book”. I was a very creative kid. 677 more words


A Light Up Ahead: An Advent Devotion on Hope

Our world really misunderstands hope. Often people see it as a desire for something to happen. One of my favorite examples of this kind of hope is in Antiques Roadshow. 763 more words