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Guest Blog by Rhea Powers

I met Rhea on a flight from Denver to Frankfurt. The Universe worked hard to seat us together! She is a spiritual teacher, a channel, an author, she lives near Denver and most of her clients are in Europe! 430 more words

Guest Blog


I was having a conversation with my friend tonight. We were talking about how young my Mom was when she had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy. 199 more words

Mental Illnesses

A New Skill

As someone who is notorious for countless ideas and novelty, I have finally started to practice a skill which has laid dormant since HS - consistency! 414 more words

Daily Life

(insert bad word here)

I feel smothered.

I have been putting up so many safety nets for myself… that now I’m choking in them.

Which is a bit ironic after all; I mean, the safety nets are supposed to lower the chances of my suicide, not increase them. 397 more words

Why Blue?

Why do your veins look blue? The reason some of your veins look blue is because they are blue; so is the blood that runs through them. 196 more words

Who We Are


I have written all throughout my life.
After writing my first poem long ago, in first grade, I ran home from school, to my grandmother’s house, which was where my brother and I went each day until our parents came home from work.  760 more words


Celebrities are unequivocally essential to the elites in peddling their fascist-marxist-globalist garbage to the masses.

Whether it be a war or a cause such as global warming, more often than not, it is the celebrities who help rope the public into the corral. 118 more words

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