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Breathe No More

Well its been awhile. I have just been doing my internship and still on the job hunt as usual – Nobody wants to hire a deadbeat or someone who is leaving for two weeks. 1,211 more words


"In the midst of brokenness"

Pointing you over to A Holy Experience today:

He points a finger at me, shakes it like a wand, like a prayer, like shaking me awake. 198 more words

Voskamp, Ann


Despair: v. to sense complete hopelessness due primarily to very bad circumstances

Few of us feel so hopeless in life or in such despair that we commit suicide but there are other situations in life where despair is possible. 143 more words

Common Sense

After the Still Point

When my husband Jay came home that day, I was cowering in the darkness, backed into the corner of our closet wishing for complete erasure. I had spent the better part of the day perched on top of our shoes and crouching under the hems of our hanging clothes with my body attempting to fold in on itself. 1,601 more words

Mental Health

Showering Is Not That Scary

I feel so low. It’s so hard to get motivated to do anything, even stuff I need to do. Like showering. I’m standing here needing to get in the shower but I just can’t. 9 more words

In the Grip of Grief - Pt 5

Over the past few months, these posts have been dealing with grief, the stages of grief, and how the characters in my novel represent these stages. 492 more words

Making A Difference

Walking The Edge

I’m walking on the edge of the knife. Just waiting on the cuts to get deep enough. Waiting to see that first course of blood. That first sign. 60 more words