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UNC Bands to Play Hopscotch Music Festival in September

Raleigh, NC music festival Hopscotch has announced its first round of bands playing the festival this year, which includes numerous groups with ties to the UNC campus.  82 more words


Shape Review: Pint glasses, Supermarkets, Coding, Population Density, Islamic Art and Bolivia

It’s not easy finding the time nowadays with so much going on (not least with the new puppy – Sir Isaac Newton – to play with) but it’s great to sit down with a cup of tea and write a blog post.   1,060 more words

Jesus commands me to love (Day 3 of 2 Weeks 2 the Cross)

Jesus turned a trick question into a lesson of love.

After Jesus cleared the Temple, the religious leaders were more determined than ever to get rid of Him. 288 more words


A sign that things are rubbing me up the wrong way

Today, whilst exiting a burrito shop during our lunch break, my wife and I saw a massage parlour with a sign outside offering a “Walk-in back rub”. 257 more words


Coding Rockstars Rock with Hopscotch

Check out the @Hopscotch learning highlights from #codingrockstars

Following the successes of European Code Week http://codeweek.eu/news/2013/12/07/eu-code-week-video-from-switzerland.html we formed Coding Rockstars! An after school club committed to learning code! 82 more words

Learning the ways of the princess

While locked in her tower the princess decided to read all books on how to be a princess and what princesses do.

She read about the proper way a princess carries herself and the ruling of a kingdom. 266 more words


Hopscotch: Getting Kids Into Coding

I was very impressed with this coding game, maybe even more than Hakitzu.  In one of my previous posts, I talked about the issue of “genderfying” coding games.   390 more words