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The Trip to IKEA

After my most recent heart surgery; I had a massive hematoma on my inner thigh. By massive, I mean it was the length of my entire inner thigh from my knee to my groin and it spread to half the thickness of my thigh as well. 739 more words

DP Express Yourself: From Horace to Harry

Cast into a pool of artists the DP “how do you express yourself” seems like facile trolling (although I bow to the intellect that can come up with these prompts day in, day out). 400 more words


Duty Phone = Horcrux of the Student Affairs World

This week I am on duty and it has been a week. A friend has decided that the duty phone is a horcux because when people have the phone they get REALLY grumpy and angry. 165 more words

Me Rants

The Horcux

diary to keep memories,

ring to adorn the finger,

locket to pass from one generation to another,

golden cup to symbolize hard work, 34 more words


Bad Guys I wanted to be: Voldemort

This guy had the whole wizarding world on lock, then he got tricked with some bogus “power of love” shit and lost his entire nose. He didn’t even care, straightened his cape like “Fuck it #snakelife” and kept it moving. 102 more words


Horcrux in the Flesh

There was a terrible evil that lived inside the boy, Harry Potter. It was welded to his face in that legendary moment when a killing curse, born in the heart of hatred and greed, could not touch him. 734 more words

Harry Potter

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff: Rowling's Regrets About Harry Potter

Image Source: Nerdist.com

Written By: Brianna Gill

Reading fictional stories gives us this inevitable yearning and emotional desire to see the story end in a certain way. 842 more words