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Instruments of War - The Beginning.

Despite their plastic resin kits making me wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spray template, the Skorne are coming along well and hopefully will be ready for painting by the end of the week! 581 more words


Podcast 040 - Menoth vs Menoth, Vindictus vs Kreoss3: Who's the Idiot that Gave Marc the Camera?

Seriously. Some of the pictures from this report are *awful*…

They’re not going to get much better than that one, folks… sorry about this! I blame Nick… he handed me an extremely powerful and sensitive camera, and I treated it like a point-and-click device… which it is definitely not. 1,629 more words


Battle 033: Menoth vs Retribution, Vindictus vs Issyria: Turians vs Asari!

Okay, so *maybe* I just bought Mass Effect 3 and have been playing it for the first time… great game (much tighter than 1, way less restrictive than 2), and despite knowing how awful (AWFUL-awful) the ending is, I’m enjoying it so far! 3,776 more words


Back to WarmaHordes...but with a slight twist.

Hey people, hope you all had a fun this summer and now that the bad weather is slowly seeping back in (or at least it is in Paris) we can get back to some wargames without feeling guilty that we’re missing out on the Sun! 429 more words


...and the intricacies of Warmahordes - Disrupted Plans and Picking yourself up

There are many ways to mess with someone’s day in Warmahordes, and a classic is to some how prevent a model from moving or acting. 1,195 more words

Tips & Tactics

Forgot to Feat Episode 30

Episode 30 of Forgot to Feat is up (Click me!) Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This have a very explicit chat with Jake Hoffman. 8 more words


Podcast 039 - pMakeda vs Old Witch - Fire is Menoth's thing, Skorne! Get a New Thing!

(Marc: Due to a wedding Aaron attended, the battle report is a tiny bit late… with my apologies!)

I was the only one who cried at the wedding. 322 more words