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The reality of the goal I have set myself.

With only a few days of January left I am now certain that my monthly painting goal is going to be much harder to achieve than I first thought. 395 more words


Why I Switched from PP to GW

Anyone who has been following the blog has noticed a very abrupt change from Privateer Press games (Warmachine and Hordes) to Games Workshop models (Warhammer and 40k). 415 more words


Non gaming stuff etc ...

I’m a terrible blogger. What with one thing and another I’ve not gamed much for a couple of months so I have very little to blog about. 28 more words

Podcast 060 - Cygnar vs Menoth, pHaley vs High Reclaimer: Okay, So WHO Can I Shoot?

After a slow batrep week (which is to say an insanely busy week at work for me, not allowing me the moments needed to sneak in write-ups over my lunch break!), we are back with a bang! 2,406 more words


From Start to Finish

Did I ever tell you…how much everyone in this system means to me?

Like, I would not be alive if they weren’t here (and likewise, since they’re sharing the same body as me.) 727 more words

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Warmachine vs. Warhammer

Platypus Con is coming up this weekend! The gaming convention that is starting this year in our home town is finally here, and yeah, I don’t know how ready I am for it. 2,371 more words


What I Painted This Century! (Pt 1)

So this will be the beginning of my painting journey through Skorne. The title is aptly named, as anyone who knows me knows I am an incredibly slow (unmotivated) painter. 64 more words