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Welcome! And what to expect here!

Welcome everyone!

Here is where I will post updates and things about the various games I play. Mostly it will be Dota 2 games and analysis, Kerbal Space Program mission recaps or planning, and Warmachine and Hordes painted models or game analysis. 64 more words

The Quest for Mediocrity: Time Flies

     Wow!  I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last graced these electronic pages with my ill informed rants.  Worry not though fair reader, for I’ve not been idle during that time.  666 more words


Battle 038 - Cygnar vs Trollbloods, pHaley vs Grim Angus: Like Falling off a Temporal Barrier'd Bicycle

So I decided it was time to move back towards the warm embrace of Cygnar. Not that I have anything against Menoth… I’ve been having fun, and I still have about 500 points of models that aren’t assembled or painted… but after the last tournament, I realized that I really missed my boys in blue. 4,077 more words


Bodger Bowl Updates

The Bodger Bowl schedule and site is live.  Note that this site is NOT final – this is a work in progress.  I already have a LOT planned for future improvements for it, and those will be coming shortly. 457 more words


Our Future Lives

We are all adults, inside of our innerworld, and outside of it (this body is 18.) And soon, we’ll be out on our own, working hard and making money. 428 more words

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Battle 037 - Gorten Vs. Butcher3 - And Yer' Little Dog Too!!

This is a battle report from a few weeks ago.  Things have been busy and I haven;t had a chance to finish this guy until now. 1,580 more words


The Plan – Part 39: The Same Old Excuses

To say that this was an off-gaming week would be a misnomer. I actually played quite a few games, but unfortunately no additional games were played from the list. 1,075 more words

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