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Warpborn Skinwalkers

Giving more love to Warmahordes here with a complete unit of Warpborn Skinwalkers. I followed the Circle of Orboros scheme and added in, the always wonderful, Secret Weapon Miniatures crushed glass kit for snow.

StaticGrass Creations

Combo Smite's First Giveaway Contest!

This will be a quick post: AdamtheHutt, long-time Combo Smite Mercenary co-host, has issued a challenge to our listeners… and the prize is a Small Based Solo of your Choice… 223 more words


Kingdom of Paintnar - Gallant!

Finally finished Gallant! Well, actually finished him in March, but finally remembered to take and post pictures of him!


Forgot to Feat Episode 14

Episode 11 of Forgot to Feat is  up (Click me!)  Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This time we talk with Dark Omen Member Bryan Caron all about Legion.


Trolls Painting Update

So actual progress within the original timeline. Ok well nearly. I did say I would have the battle box done inside of 2 weeks and whilst I didn’t get the second Impaler completed, I did get the mauler done. 163 more words


Gator Posse

The Gatormen for Hordes continues. I’ve done 2 full units of Gatormen Posses (1 Bokor and 4 Gators).

The Bokor is painted like the rest, with a little more emphasis on some details to characterize him from the mass. 78 more words


Borka Kegslayer

Hello there, 36 loyal followers. This blog is not abandoned, funny story, I had a heart attack and nearly died. I’m all better now, and shouldn’t be having any future issues with the ticker (as I’ve made several drastic changes in the face of oblivion). 186 more words