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Battle 036 - pThagrosh Vs. pButcher - The Journey of Men Begins

I was matched up against Aaron for our podcast game this week but I hadn’t played a game in our group’s Journeyman league yet so I asked Aaron if he’d be down for 2 games. 709 more words


At Least Two Puns Spring to Mind Here

I could have gone with something about the WarMachinery clinking into action or Horde-ing more models. I didn’t go with either because I constantly try to prevent myself from punning in titles. 1,092 more words

Gryphon Games Cheyenne

Legion of Everpaint - Epic Absylonia

I wasn’t actually planning on picking eAbby up anytime soon but the stars aligned and I was at the LGS and she just came in and the rest is history. 35 more words


Podcast 042 - eVayl Vs. pButcher - Hit and Run

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his Khador.  I was bringing out my freshly painted Legion which I have basically never played before.  1,113 more words


Legionnaire Done

So I know I have said it before but this time I mean it. I have found a paint scheme for m Legion. No shouting this time, no bursts of happiness, just me falling to my knees with tears streaming down my face. 63 more words

Legion Of Everblight

Instruments of War - First Blood

Played my first games with skorne last night using the pMorghoul from my last post!

First one was against the soon to be released eAbby! 623 more words