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...and the intricacies of Warmahordes - Disrupted Plans and Picking yourself up

There are many ways to mess with someone’s day in Warmahordes, and a classic is to some how prevent a model from moving or acting. 1,195 more words

Tips & Tactics

Forgot to Feat Episode 30

Episode 30 of Forgot to Feat is up (Click me!) Presented to you by The Dark Omen Gaming Club and Hand Cannon Online. This have a very explicit chat with Jake Hoffman. 8 more words


Podcast 039 - pMakeda vs Old Witch - Fire is Menoth's thing, Skorne! Get a New Thing!

(Marc: Due to a wedding Aaron attended, the battle report is a tiny bit late… with my apologies!)

I was the only one who cried at the wedding. 322 more words


Battle 032 - 50pts Menoth vs Skorne, Harby vs eXerxis: Couldn't Find a Rhino, so Rode a Hyperion!

Kassem has been excited to try out the new Skorne warlock… and since he doesn’t own the model yet, that meant proxy-time! Thankfully he has something that will work almost as well… 1,109 more words


The Quest for Mediocrity

     Greetings all!  My name is Darrell and I’m a new contributor to Combo Smite.  You may know me as Menoth Darrell on the PP forums, the guy that makes the Steamroller scenario cards every year, or “that guy Marc borrows Protectorate models from” on other posts and podcasts here at Combo Smite.  631 more words


Divining games sales

I’ve talked about the latest sales charts for non-collectable miniatures as recorded by ICv2. There is also a discussion going on at Quirkworthy. 584 more words

Games Workshop

So what is there for me part 1...

So first of all let me say that games come in all different genres, types, shapes and sizes. We will have a quick look at the most common types you’ld see down at your local store. 234 more words

Where's Your Cave