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feeling a little hormonal

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit off. It’s not a bad mood nor illness that brings me down. It’s probably a case of being hormonal. 378 more words

Personal Brand

Who's Skin? Not Mine!

My skin USED to just be dry with sporadic eczema flare-ups, but lately, due to hormonal changes, I now have┬áto experience something I’ve never dealt with before: acne. 231 more words

Beauty And Other Items On My Agenda

33 weeks: Keeping the Craziness in Check

I’m 33 weeks now and really feeling it! I had a total hormonal breakdown yesterday morning about my hair. I woke up to a frizzy, dried out mess that was beyond repair. 466 more words

Another Up Day Down :)

Up days are fun.

Had breakfast sandwich and iced coffee, toast with butter and the biggest plate of pasta with salmon, broccoli and alfredo sauce and champagne. 200 more words

Drugs and Regrets

I’ll probably look back at this sometime in the future and think holy crap how dramatic could I have been but who knows maybe somebody will find this and appreciate it. 283 more words

Ex Boyfriends

Why Do They Say I Love You?

For me, the only time that’s right to say it is when you’re ready to commit to the person and being committed to another takes longer than a day, a week and even a month! 256 more words


Body Image - Possible TMI

Let me share how I am feeling about myself right now. I am getting ready to go into details, so please turn back now if you don’t think you can handle it. 201 more words

Keeping It Real