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Hormonal Meltdowns

In life we are entitled to certain meltdowns.  For example, every actor is entitled to one good meltdown per production.  In such a high stress, fast-paced environment, it’s only natural that tensions will get high, the stress will become unbearable, and the waterworks will flow.   679 more words

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First Date...Ever.

I had never been on a date before in my life until this year, just over a month ago in fact. For the first time ever I actually said yes to a guy. 822 more words

Need to find some joy.

I wish I could say I was the happiest pregnant woman around but I’m not. I don’t feel like doing anything. My emotions are getting to me (damn hormones) and today I’m just a weepy mess. 515 more words

5 Toxic Fruits

I know just as well as anyone that although eating healthy is the right thing to do, it can leave a hole in your wallet. 349 more words


The Day Shopping Made Cry

Haha! Omg, I feel so silly just writing the title. But dang, a pregnant woman is one hormonal woman!

I started out very excited! Shopping! It’s a chance to get some baby items since I’m already 6 months in and have NOTHING for BabyLim at the moment. 750 more words


Bible Study Bomb Threat!

Every Thursday morning, I gather with a wonderful group of women at church for a Bible study and time of encouragement. The participants represent a wide range of ages and life experiences, all very interesting! 358 more words

Cry Baby

Whenever people talked about pregnant ladies being emotional wrecks, I just did not get it.  Until now…I’m not sure what’s going on with my hormones right now, but it seems that everything about babies, babies growing up, and the relationship between mother and child brings me to tears.   178 more words