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Paardenshop shampoo Horsey Hippique für jeden Tag

Paardenshop Horsey Hippigque ist ein Shampoo das man jede Tag gebrauchen kann zu einem sehr günstigen Preis. Paardenshop Horsey Hippique hat eine besonders starke reinigende und pflegende Wirkung, es wurde mit diverse Kräuterextrakten und Tinkturen angereichert. 13 more words

Paardenshop Bronchosan Sirup Atemweg probleme , Husten , Schleim

Paardenshop Brochiaal elexier, das ausgelesene Mittel für Pferden mit Bronchialeproblemen, sowie Husten, zähen Schleim, wässriger Nasenausfluß, zäher ausfluß oder überempfindlichkeit für Pferdeinfluenza. BronchoSan elexier trägt bei für zur eine gesunde Atmung, fördert eine leichtere Atmung während Anstrengungen und hilft mit das Schleim in der Nase und Lunge zu lösen. 30 more words

No Further Studies

Disclaimer: This post is graphic and meant for WOMEN only cuz sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!! The thing is, the fire thing…not really our style….


Best testosterone

Testosterone is definitely the hormonal agent responsible for masculine behavior and appearance, and means of contemplating. Higher testosterone will make improvements to frame of mind towards lifestyle, generating you much more daring and ready to test exciting and new factors.Normal Testosterone Booster.

The path to inner rage

Weeks ago, I made a solemn vow to myself to give up the boxing and commit to Yoga. The incentive? My husband complained that I was getting too tough and all my yoga friends had incredible figures. 339 more words


Road Rage (fiction writing)

Not exactly a stream of consciousness blurb but a little dabble from a short story (semi-fictional) that I’ve been putting together.


Great. I’m gonna be late to work. 494 more words

My Dog is MenoPAWSal

So a couple weeks ago, Sahara wet the bed.

This may seem weird, because dogs are sometimes eager to make our lives hell, and Sahara has a nasty habit of waking me up early in the morning by putting her head on my ear and whining very quietly, but just enough to make me want to break a window. 470 more words