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My Last Year On The Pill

Now that you’ve heard the beginning…let’s go to the end of it all, shall we?

As I mentioned before, I had an obscene amount of side effects my first couple years on the pill, but they eventually leveled out to a point where I wasn’t bothered by them anymore. 1,088 more words


How It All Began

*Before I begin, I should state that this blog’s intent is not to dissuade those women who benefit from hormonal birth control to stop using their preferred method. 647 more words


Hormones and a cheerful wife

I have had a period between 6 and 12 times a year every year since I was 13. I am on my second pregnancy as well, last time it lasted until 23 weeks and that’s how far along I am now. 358 more words


State Of Grace

Grace is my daughter – This week and next week are here “state of grace” weeks. The two weeks out of the month that I would rather sleep in my car than to go upstairs and in the house where she will be. 174 more words


"To Be" Or "Not to Be" Has Nothing to Do with It

As time progresses through this pregnancy, I have quickly formed a disdain for yet another phrase. “Mother-to-Be.” Even blogs and articles call us pregnancy ladies “mothers-to-be.” And each time I hear it, I have to quickly shove a muffin in my mouth (or chips and salsa with ranch – that seems to be the little one’s favorite snack/meal/desert at the moment.) Anyway… 327 more words


Acne Update 18/01/2015

Period came.
And there were the few hormanal acnes.

They subsided in size within 3 days. But two were cystics.

Overall, skin has been behaving quite well. 58 more words

Love Me Till I'm Me Again

This is a topic I’ve been avoiding but it is time to vent.

One word: hormones

No one warned me that hormones will be an issue after you’ve given birth. 260 more words

First Time Mom