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Bubbles bubbles bubbles.

We are all just kids with ideas
Locked in dream bubbles
Safe and warm wrapped in blankets
Hand stitched by our mothers

We can do anything we please… 62 more words


EarWorm: "I Wish" - Stevie Wonder

Why I love this song: DAT BASS.  That rhythm.  The voice and talent that is Stevie Wonder.  Need I say more?!  How could you sit still with a walking bass and horn section like this?! 107 more words


- Horns -

“…In a lot of ways, I guess Satan was the first superhero.”
“Don’t you mean supervillain?”
“No. Hero, for sure. Think about it. In his first adventure, he took the form of a snake to free two prisoners being held naked in a Third World jungle prison by an all-powerful megalomaniac. 210 more words

A Brand New Trailer for Joe Hill's 'Horns' Arrives

A clip of Horns leaked some time back, and a teaser followed suit. Now we’ve got a look at a brand new international trailer for the long anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill’s fan favorite novel. 209 more words


Horns Unleashes A Devil

‘Sometimes when you go through hell, the only way out is to walk deeper into the fire’, so say’s Daniel Radcliffe’s Ig Perrish, a haunted young man who is getting in touch with his inner devil in the brand new trailer for Horns. 194 more words


War and La Paz

We arrived in the madness of La Paz as the sun was in full retreat. We had already negotiated over 150 miles of road that was, in the very loosest sense, under construction, with lunatic Bolivian drivers really not helping matters. 283 more words