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Cover Art - Beyond Light by Unfair Fate

Cover art for the debut album of the band Unfair Fate. Check them out, they’re good!

The Drawn

Two weeks until we drive the dark away!

If you’re on the¬†mailing list, you should have received a bunch of instructions for where and when we meet, our chant, a map of the route, etc. 98 more words

Hark. The Brass Band is Playing.

Music City. Jazz. Funk. Brass Bands.

Then, along comes Christmas. What else could there be in the French Quarter? Angels blowing trumpets against the dusky sky. 92 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Book Reviews: "Horns" and "Nation"

Due to my move to Prague, I have not been able to read as much. Now that my TEFL course is over, I can finally review the ones I read and then read more! 512 more words

Of Banning Horns

Fairly soon, I imagine, special groups will lobby the government to ban horns from automobiles because they communicate harsh feelings and are not nice. Horns are an expression of negativity and intolerance, and are known to hurt feelings and lower self-esteem. 26 more words

Engaging Culture