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Daniel Radcliffe Gest Horny In New Trailer For Horns!

Outspoken LGBT ally worked the San Diego Comic-Con beat over the weekend to promote his interesting new film, Horns. (Check him out here in our round-up of the hottest guys from SDCC 2014’s panels!) 109 more words


MINI POST: Daniel Radcliffe's American Accent Makes Me...

About two weeks ago, I posted about Horns, the new absurdist supernatural flickĀ starring Daniel Radcliffe. Here is an extended trailer of the kooky horror film, which will premiere on Halloween in the UK. 132 more words


New SDCC Trailer for 'Horns'

Come check out the brand new trailer for HornsĀ which was released at SDCC!

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Daniel Radcliffe Killed A Chick And Now He's The Devil In 'Horns'

I’ve always found Daniel Radcliffe to be a lurky mouth-breather who endlessly creeps me out, so when I tell you that a Daniel Radcliffe project looks intriguing, you should believe me. 117 more words

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Best trailers from Comic-Con San Diego 2014

by Stephen Nagel

This year was a really big year at Comic-Con. So many amazing first looks, trailers and announcements were made. Not forgetting a bunch of really entertaining panels too. 269 more words


WATCH: First Trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's 'Horns'

Dimension and TWC-Radius have released the first full trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s “Horns” three months before its Halloween launch.

The fantasy thriller follows an American-accented Radcliffe, whose character gains paranormal abilities (and, as the title suggests, a pair of horns) after he is blamed for his girlfriend’s mysterious death. 91 more words


'Horns' trailer: Speak of the devil and Daniel Radcliffe doth appear

Losing your girlfriend to murder is hard enough. Losing your girlfriend to murder, being accused of that murder, and then sprouting devil-like horns out of nowhere? 143 more words