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Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - City Heights b/w Strollin' Adams

It’s always great to hear new music, especially from a band like the Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. We have got behind these guys since their debut 45 “Layin’ Low”, and since then the word has spread like wildfire, landing that hot platter in many record boxes all over the world. 347 more words



It was a screaming match between the Gods and Demons of society. Each blaming the other for all that was wrong. He sat there smiling and making smoke rings, he couldn’t pick a side. 19 more words


Blank Eyes.

Im a bit behind on my blog posts (sorry to anyone that actually reads this..)

So I completed another drawing. it is taking inspiration from the horned skull shoot and the shrunken heads. 182 more words

Reason for poaching

There are several reason to the demand for rhino poaching in South Africa.
There is a demand in East and South East Asia for rhino horns and is used mainly as an ingredient for traditional medicine and has also been marketed to be a cure for cancer. 177 more words

South Africa

Rhino Poaching in South Africa 

For the past few years i have been made aware of the increasing rate of Rhino poaching in South Africa. Up until now i have not done much to support the cause due to my lack of education and understanding on the topic. 284 more words

South Africa